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How to Take a Good Selfie: 5 Must-Know Tips

Mar 25, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Take a Good Selfie: 5 Must-Know Tips

We’ve all scrolled through our Instagram feed gazing admiringly at the seemingly effortless selfies of friends, family, and celebrities. Many of us aren’t sure how to achieve those stunning selfies, but we’re here to share how you can accomplish them with ease.

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Why Taking Good Selfies is Important

Coinciding with the rise of smartphones and social media, selfies have taken over our feeds. Social media users are always looking to perfect the art of the selfie, on #NationalSelfieDay and every other day. As a matter of fact, a 2017 report noted that a person will take 25,000 selfies in their lifetime.

Tips to Take the Best Selfie

However, many of us haven’t quite yet mastered the skill of taking a good selfie. Whether it’s due to bad lighting, poor angles, or a lack of a good filter, there are countless reasons you’re not getting your best selfie. But have no fear, we are here to share five must-know tips for taking a good selfie.

How to Take a Good Selfie: 5 Must-Know Tips

It’s not as easy as just pointing and shooting — a good selfie takes a certain degree of expertise. Lucky for you, our top tips for taking a selfie are easy to pick up and will guarantee you end up with a beautiful photo.

Selfie Tip #1 - Find Good Lighting

Experts will always tell you that proper lighting is the key to the perfect photo, and the lighting of your selfie is no exception.

Tips to Take the Best Selfie

Before you take your photo, you’ll want to make sure you’re not backlit, meaning, the light is not coming from behind you. When the lighting is in front of you and behind the camera, it illuminates your face, making for a more aesthetically appealing picture.

Reading more to learn more retouch tips on editing your selfies.

Selfie Tip #2 - Find Good Selfie Angles

We all know there are certain photos of ourselves that we like the best, and it’s often thanks to angles. Everyone knows their good side and their bad side, so when you take your selfie, be sure to accentuate the one you like best. If you aren’t sure which one is your good side, take a look at your favorite photos of yourself. Once you’ve found a few, you’ll notice what makes it your favorite, whether it be the angle of your body, your face, or which side you’re positioned toward.

Find Perfect Selfie Angles

For optimum angles no matter what your “side” is, hold your phone higher than forehead-height and tilt your camera down when taking your selfie. This top-down angle (45 degrees is ideal) is the most universally flattering angle for capturing a stunning selfie. We’ve all seen photos shot from a too-low angle that accentuates our least favorite slant, but by shooting from the top-down angle you’ll avoid this selfie pitfall.

Selfie Tip #3 - Look Into the Camera

Many of us will remember a time when we took funny selfies with a far-off, distant gaze, but in reality, making eye contact with your phone’s front camera will produce the best result when you’re taking a selfie. It can be tempting to look at the screen to see yourself and preview the photo, but you want to connect with the viewer and look straight into the camera as much as possible.

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This is a great tip for video calling or conferencing as well — look into the camera on your phone or laptop so that the person on the other end sees you looking directly at them as opposed to the screen slightly below.

Selfie Tip #4 - Have a Fun Background

Whether you’re taking a selfie at a famous tourist attraction or you just want to capture your flawless outfit of the day, ensure you have a nice background to frame it with. Try to avoid a background with too much “visual noise,” which can refer to a brightly, yet uncoordinated, colored background, a cluttered room, or even a heavily occupied street corner.

If you can’t avoid a background when you take your photo, consider using an app like YouCam Perfect after the fact to help you create the perfect selfie. With YouCam Perfect, you can edit your background, blur it to remove unsightly spots, or even eliminate unwanted objects from the scene. With the YouCam Perfect app, you can use another photo as your background or choose from various backgrounds to enhance your final photo.

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Selfie Tip #5 - Use Right App & Have Fun With Edits

The final touch to your selfie should include edits that add a special touch to your shot. With the YouCam Perfect app, you can add animation, make a double exposure, and even integrate fun effects and stickers to your final product. Try any of our most popular selfie editing features to level up your photos.

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