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4 Best Instagram Edits & Caption Ideas for Selfies
Photo Editing

4 Best Instagram Edits & Caption Ideas for Selfies

Sep 1, 2021 · 4 minutes read
4 Best Instagram Edits & Caption Ideas for Selfies

We can’t help but love them — selfies! Whether you’re a full-fledged selfie stan or you’re just getting used to using your front-facing camera, we all need to know the best editing tips and caption ideas for our Instagram selfies.

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The truth is that Instagram selfies are some of the most-liked photos on the popular social media app, so get in on the fun with these creative editing tips and caption ideas.

How To Edit Your Instagram Selfies To Make Them Stand Out:

Your photo might look amazing without any edits, but by adding animations or filters, or removing objects and making a collage, there are limitless ways to make your selfies look even more awesome than it already has.

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In this article, we will show you the tricks of the trade to make your Instagram selfies stand out in that never-ending feed. Lucky for you, the YouCam Perfect app is your go-to resource for editing your selfies, equipped with all of the tools you need to get that perfect photo.

Tip #1. Add In a Flattering Filter to Your Instagram Selfies

The first and also easiest way to take your selfie to the next level is with a flattering filter. You might want to add some drama with lighting, or just highlight your already natural look. Either way, it’s a great place to begin.

To start, you’ll want to drop in a filter that best accentuates your look. If you’re going for a simple look, YouCam Perfect’s “Portrait” filter pack keeps your aesthetic natural while still giving you that extra beautiful touch. If you want to get a bit moodier with your shot, the “Light Shadow” filter pack helps you get a bit more drama in your image.

YouCam Perfect Selfie Effects Edit Tool

If you’re not quite sure what look you’re going for, have no fear. You can easily switch back and forth between multiple filters until you find the look that perfectly accentuates your prized selfie. And don’t forget, you can also choose the intensity of each filter. From 0 to 100, choose how strong you want the filter effect to be. Try it now!

Tip #2. Clean Up Your Selfie Background

Whether you snapped your selfie in your messy bedroom or a photobomber just happened to walk past you, you might want to clean up your background to keep the focus of the image on you! With YouCam Perfect’s object removal tool you can quickly and easily delete background objects, no professional skills are required.

 YouCam Perfect Background Removal Tool

To clean up an object in your background, begin by adding your selfie. Tap “Edit” on the bottom navigation, and then scroll over to “Removal.” Use the brush to draw over the area you’d like removed, sizing the brush to be as accurate as you’d like. When you’ve colored over the area, just tap “Remove” and watch before your eyes as the background is magically improved.Try it now!

Tip #3. Beautify Your Instagram Selfie Look

Now that you’ve edited the background and the overall tone of your selfie, you might have noticed some aspects that could use a little extra touch-up. The YouCam Perfect app is packed with beautifying features including a face smoother, a teeth whitener, and much more. To use these effects on your selfie, tap “Beautify” on the bottom navigation. For an automatic touch-up, just tap on “Auto.” 

Beautify Your Selfie

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, the app has everything you need! Choose from “Face Shaper,” “Nose,” “Acne,” or one of the many other options available to make edits to your heart’s content. Try it now!

Tip #4. Best Captions For Your Instagram Selfies

Your selfie is edited perfectly, and now all your need is the perfect caption to go along with it. Our top suggestions are easy to follow, no matter how much social media experience you have.

best instagram captions for selfies

You might choose to keep it simple with a short caption like “Me, my selfie, and I.” On the flip side, a classic caption like “I woke up like this” is sure to drive those double taps. Lastly, you might consider a sassy saying like “But first, let me take a selfie.” Regardless of which caption style you choose, make sure it’s something that accents the tone and vibe of your photo for maximum likes. Try it now!

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Get Best Instagram Edits & Caption Ideas with YouCam Perfect

You’re practically a selfie expert at this point, but if you’re looking for even more effects for your Instagram selfie edits, you can find these and so many more premium photo edits!

Download YouCam Perfect

Simply download the YouCam Perfect app for either iOS or Android today to get started!

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