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2 Must-Know Photo Editing Ideas for Instagram in 2022
Photo Editing

2 Must-Know Photo Editing Ideas for Instagram in 2022

Mar 8, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Best Instagram Photo Editor To Edit Photos 2022

Are you ready to become a photo editing pro? If so, you’ll need all of the tips and tricks on how to edit photos specifically for Instagram. In addition to using the best free photo editing app — YouCam Perfect — we’re here to provide you with two great hacks for creating swoon-worthy images.

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How to Edit Your Photos for Instagram

What’s the purpose of editing for Instagram? Why not just use your photos as they are?

The biggest goal when editing for Instagram is to make your content stand out. There are tons of other photographers and content creators sharing their images to the app. Editing your content can help make it more engaging and eye-catching for your audience.

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Photo editing for Instagram also allows you to tell a story. You can succinctly sum up an entire vacation or event with just a few well-chosen and well-edited pictures. With all of that in mind, there are two important photo editing tips for you to consider:

#1. Don’t be afraid to be bold

Images that stand out and are different from the rest of the daily feed will grab a user’s attention as they’re scrolling. Be different and try something new.

#2. Experiment to find your aesthetic.

Maybe you want your vibe to be blue-toned Pacific Northwest, or would you rather take on the modern witchy goth feel? Keep creating and testing out different looks to find what fits yours. And don’t be afraid to deviate from this look to try new trends and current styles. 

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2 Must-Know Photo Editing Ideas for Instagram in 2022

We recommend two creative techniques to try in your photo editor — stylish letter portrait and Wonder Woman edit. The stylish letter portrait is great if you want text in your photo, while the Wonder Woman edit can help you turn yourself into a Justice League superhero. 

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Want to see these edits in action? Check out the video tutorial of these two creative edits above, and follow along as we take you step by step on how to create these two unique looks.

Instagram Photo Editing Idea: Stylish Letter Portrait Edit

When you’re ready to give this effect a try, just download and open the YouCam Perfect app to get started. Here’s a quick tutorial using the word “cool.”

Instagram Photo Editing Idea, Stylish Letter Portrait EditDownload Now

1. Save an image of text you’d like to add to the photo.

Open up the editor and click the “Text” icon. Here, you’ll start by adding the “COOL” lettering. You can change the font and color, then adjust the size. When you’re done, save the image.

2. Choose a background photo and blend it with the letters you made in Step 1.

Choose a fun photo to act as your background (maybe a tourist shot you captured on your last vacation or a landscape photo from your recent hiking trip). Add your “COOL” image you created earlier and stack it directly on top of the background shot.

Choose a background photo and blend it with the letters you made To Your Instagram Photo

Tap the “Blender” icon to bleed the letters. Don’t forget to browse the various effects to find the style you like best. Then, use the “Cutout” tool to get rid of the white behind them.

3. Add yourself in!

Take the “ Cutou t” option a step further by adding a picture of yourself on top of the letters. To do this, add a photo of yourself on top of the letters. Hit “ Cutout” once more, and use the smart brush to select yourself. To make it look like you’re walking out of the text, use the “ Eraser” tool to trim parts of your body.

4. Finish & Save it!

Finish off the image with “Effects” to add even more personality to your photo.

Instagram Photo Editing Idea: Wonder Woman Edit

Instagram Photo Editing Idea, Wonder Woman EditDownload Now CTA

Who hasn’t dreamed of having superhuman strength and the superpower of flight? Now you can finally earn that cape by transforming yourself into Wonder Woman.

1. Mix Wonder Woman comic image and your own photo

First, find a cool Wonder Woman comic image to use as the background. Then, add a photo of yourself on top of it, ideally making the same pose. Mix Wonder Woman comic image and your own Instagram photo

2. Remove Background

Next, use the “ Cutout” tool and “ Eraser” tool to remove the background from your original portrait image, mix Wonder Woman’s face with yours, and make it look like you’re wearing her bracelet.

3. Add the Lasso of Truth!

Click the “Brush” icon, select the color yellow, and choose the neon style. Draw some lines around your arm in the shape of a lasso, then use the “Eraser” tool to remove some of the lines in front of your arm. This makes it look like the lasso is wrapped around you.

4. Finish off the look with comic-style stickers.

Our app has a number of comic-style options, including a “Boom” icon that looks fierce.

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