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5 Best Free Polaroid Filter Template Apps for iPhone & Android 2024
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5 Best Free Polaroid Filter Template Apps for iPhone & Android 2024

Feb 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Polaroid Filter Template Apps for iPhone and Android in 2024

Polaroid photos are as trendy now as they were 20 years ago. The difference is that now you don’t even need a Polaroid camera and film to achieve the aesthetic. In a fascinating integration of past and present, the nostalgia-inducing essence of Polaroid photography has been incorporated into modern mobile apps.

Now you can get the same look and feel right on your phone with an app with Polaroid templates with the top 5 best free Polaroid filter template apps for iPhone and Android like YouCam Perfect. Learn more below!

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5 Best Free Polaroid Template Apps for iPhone & Android

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can get the Polaroid look on any of your photos. Here are the five best free Polaroid template apps.

1. YouCam Perfect: The Best Polaroid Filter Template App

YouCam Perfect has many Polaroid templates to choose from. So whether you want something minimal and chic or graphic and bold, this app has it.

▼ Best Polaroid filter frame creating App 2024

Aesthetic Polaroid Template for Pictures

Available on: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.8 / 4.4

Best for: Content creators who want to have beautiful and trendy Polaroid-inspired photos in seconds.

YouCam Perfect is the top Polaroid Template app because it has tons of stylish collages and photo filter templates. Plus you can edit your photos to have a vintage aesthetic, remove unwanted objects, add stickers, and retouch your skin.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Collage Maker App for iPhone and Android

Now let's explore how to enhance your photos with Polaroid filter templates in this app.

Get 30+ Free Polaroid Filter Templates

Tons of Free Polaroid Templates for Photos

▲ Best 30+ Free Polaroid Filter App for iPhone and Android

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Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

Are you looking for various Polaroid filters to enhance your pictures in a fascinating way but for free? You don’t have to pay for Polaroid templates when you use YouCam Perfect, which is full of on-trend collages and templates for your photos.

Custom Polaroid Template in Seconds

Easily Custom Polaroid in Seconds with Polaroid Templates

You don't need to struggle with how to make Polaroid template designs. Get the aesthetic ideas you want in no time with YouCam Perfect. It only takes a few seconds to find and apply the Polaroid template frame you’ve been dreaming about.

YouCam Perfect is a brilliant Polaroid template app for anyone who loves capturing unique moments in life and creates timeless pictures to memorize them. This free app has various polaroid filter templates, user-friendly editing tools, and high-quality results. It is a must-have app for anyone who wants to add a vintage look on their pictures. Download it now and try it out for yourself!

Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

2. Canva: Best for Aesthetic Polaroid Templates

Polaroid App: Canva

Available on: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.9 / 4.8

Best for: Small businesses and creative entrepreneurs who want tons of templates and graphic design tools.

Canva is a website and app that makes graphic design more accessible. It’s used by businesses that want to quickly design on-brand content. There are a lot of free tools and aesthetic polaroid templates, but most of its features require a monthly or yearly subscription.

Read: 4 Best Free Apps Like Canva

3. OldRoll - Vintage Film Camera: Best Polaroid Camera App

Polaroid App: OldRoll

Available on: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.7 / 4.6

Best for: People who like the style of classic cameras and stunning vintage films.

One of the top ways to get Polaroid photos through an app is with OldRoll. This app lets you snap photos in the app using realistic analog cameras. Its camera has a classic and aesthetic Polaroid frame for photos, making your photos look like movies.

4. VNTG: Best Vintage Photo Editor for Polaroid Effects

Polaroid App: VNTG

Available on: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.7 / 4.2

Best for: Creatives who love having retro-inspired photos and Polaroid-themed templates.

VNTG is all about creating retro pictures, so it’s an excellent option if you’re looking for Polaroid effects. With this app, you can snap vintage-looking pics and use the templates directly in the app.

There’s also a nice selection of filters that provide an old-school aesthetic like black and white, sepia, and grain. However, outside of creating a vintage look, the app doesn’t have many other features.

5. Dazz Cam: Vintage Camera for Polaroid Pictures

Polaroid App: Dazz Cam

Available on: iOS / Android

Rating: 4.7 / 4.3

Best for: People who want Polaroid-style photos referencing famous vintage cameras.

Dazz Cam is a popular app that has a lot of vintage camera effects to choose from, which enables users to easily create Polaroid effects in photos. The app allows you to choose camera styles for filming videos on your cellphone, or pick your favorite vintage cam effects when taking snaps.

How to Make Polaroid Filter Photos With Templates on iPhone & Android?

The best part about using YouCam Perfect for Polaroid templates is easy indeed to edit photos. Create eye-catching, vintage-inspired content in seconds on the app by following these quick steps:

Step 1: Download Photo Editing App

To create a Polaroid filter photo using a template, Download YouCam Perfect for free on iOS or Android.

Step 2: Upload Your Photo

Click Photo Edit and upload the photo you want to edit.

Step 3: Explore Polaroid Filter Template

free polaroid filter templates▲ Various Free Polaroid Templates

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Free Download YouCam Perfect for iPhone and Android

Scroll to the right and tap on Template based on your preference to explore various Polaroid filters.

Step 4: Browse More Polaroid Templates

There are even more Polaroid templates can access by tapping the store icon on the bottom left.

Step 5: Select and Save Your Photo

Find the Polaroid filter template you want and save. It’s as simple as that!

YouCam Perfect: Get The Best Polaroid Filter in Free Template App

There are lots of options when it comes to digital Polaroid filter templates, but YouCam Perfect is the best you can get. That’s because it is a free app and also has a lot of photo templates that will give you the raw, vintage aesthetic you love in just a few seconds.
Download this Polaroid template app today to get started!

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Collage Maker App for iPhone and Android

Not Just a Polaroid Filter Template App

The stylish and expertly designed Polaroid filter templates aren’t the only reason why you should download YouCam Perfect. It has so much more to offer, like object removal, tons of filters, awesome effects, and stunning collages. Once you try it out, you won’t want any other photo editing app.

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Polaroid Template FAQs

How Do You Frame a Picture With a Polaroid Filter?

It's very simple and easy to follow! Download any photo editing apps like YouCam Perfect, Canva, and Dazz Cam from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and click the photo template to frame your picture. Last, find a Polaroid filter and choose the best one as your preference to make your picture vintage aesthetic.

Is There an App to Make Pictures Look Like Polaroids?

There are a few app options if you want to create Polaroid-style pictures like Dazz Cam, Canva, VNTG, and OldRoll. But the best one is YouCam Perfect not only because of the top-notch templates it has but also the countless other features.

What App Gives You a Polaroid Template?

YouCam Perfect is available on iOS and Android and has many options for Polaroid templates. Choose from one of the many free ones, or shop through the dozens of paid ones too for even more options.

How Do You Get a Free Polaroid Template?

You can get a Polaroid template for free with YouCam Perfect, and there are several! Just download the app for free to get started.

How Do You Make a Polaroid Filter Picture Without a Polaroid?

It’s easier than you think to get a Polaroid-style picture without the specialized camera and film. All you need is a photo editing app that has Polaroid templates that you can plug any digital picture into, like YouCam Perfect. Just upload your picture, find the template you want, and save your work!

Can You Turn Regular Photos Into Polaroids?

Any picture on your phone can be turned into a Polaroid-inspired image in seconds with templates. There are many apps, like YouCam Perfect, that make it easy to get this effect.

Create a Customized Polaroid Filter Template Photos

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Collage Maker App for iPhone and Android

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