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Best Free NFT Photo Editor: How to Create Your Own NFT Art
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Best Free NFT Photo Editor: How to Create Your Own NFT Art

Feb 23, 2022 · 3 minutes read
NFT editor: how create nft art with best free photo editing app

NFTs, and NFT-based art, in particular, are taking the world by storm. NFT art comes in many forms, from photographs to unique digital designs and everything in between. In this article, we’ll share some ideas for creating your own NFT art for free with YouCam Perfect, the best NFT photo editor out there.

Table of Contents

What Is NFT Art?

NFTs — non-fungible tokens — are the latest buzzword to reach the masses. Artists show off their collectibles on social media, and creators are breaking records selling their creations online. An NFT is a one-of-a-kind item that cannot be traded, substituted, or copied. NFTs are also entitled to one owner secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

Learn what is nft art and how to create your own artwork easily on iPhone and Android

▲ Bored Ape NFTs. Image source: Shutterstock

Now, NFT art is virtually anything. From abstract art, pixelated images, and digital signatures, NFTs cover all art forms. Unlike traditional art, like the one you see in museums, NFT art exists entirely in the digital universe, and you can’t touch it.

Best NFT Editor App to Create NFT Art for Free

With extensive beautifying and editing tools, YouCam Perfect is the best NFT editor app to turn your favorite photos into creative NFT art pieces. With YouCam Perfect, you can instantly adjust your photos with beauty tools, overlay effects, magic brushes, and cool layers to turn your photos from dull and plain to NFT-worthy in seconds. Below, discover some NFT picture ideas you can easily create with YouCam Perfect.

Download the best NFT photo editor to make nft art with YouCam Perfect app

How to Create NFT Art for Free

Turning your favorite pictures into NFT art has never been easier. With YouCam Perfect, you don’t have to be an expert or even an artist to turn your photos into crypto arts.

Step-by-step guide

Here’s how to turn your photos into NFT art in just a few steps:

  1. Download the free NFT editor, YouCam Perfect
  2. Choose a Photo for NFT: Pick a photo that you love and has the potential to become art.
  3. Turn your photos into nft: Start playing with editing and beautifying tools to transform your photo and unleash your creativity.
  4. Save & Share Your NFT Artwork: Download your NFT art and upload it to the market!

4 NFT Ideas to Turn Picture into NFT

Here are some quick, easy, and fantastic NFT art photo ideas you can try with YouCam Perfect:

  • 1. Mosaic NFT
  • 2. Glitch NFT
  • 3. Fancy Background
  • 4. Blending Images 

  • 1. Mosaic NFT Art

    add the mosaic effect to your photos to create pixelated nft artwork

    Call it mosaic or pixelated. These photos are having a moment. There’s something about the retro vibes that can turn your photo into museum-worthy art. Here’s how to add the mosaic effect to your photos:

    • Select the image you want to edit, make sure you pick one that has an identifiable object in the picture.
    • Head to Tools and then Mosaic.
    • Choose the size of the mosaic tiles by dragging the adjusting bar.
    • Using your fingers, begin to draw on your photos only on the areas where you want to add mosaic tiles.
    • Play with other edits like auto-portrait selection or auto-background selection to edit your photo.
    • Save your edits and share!
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    2. Glitch NFT Art

    add the glitch effect to your photos to create glitch nft artwork

    If you’ve loved the vaporwave aesthetic you’ve seen online, the glitch effect might be the tool you want for all your edits. It gives your photo that retro feel that’s still modern and sort of out of this world. Here’s how to add the glitch effect to your photos:

    • Select the photo you want to edit.
    • Head to the Glitch Effect Pack to find the different options.
    • Choose one of the nine glitch effects available.
    • Play with the effect's horizontal, vertical, and opacity to transform your photo.
    • Play with other tools to add stickers or glitched text to your photo.
    • Save your edits and share!
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    3. Fancy Background NFT Art

    change your photo background to create unique nft art

    NFT art needs to be provocative, creative, and unique. With YouCam Perfect, you can instantly change the background of your selfies and photos to create truly fantastic image compositions. Go wild here and explore your creativity with terrific backgrounds. Here’s how to change your background:

    • Select the photo you want to edit; it doesn’t matter the background; we’ll change it.
    • Go to Photo Edit and tap Background.
    • Then choose Change Background, YouCam Perfect will instantly remove any existing background.
    • Choose from the many patterns and colors available for your new photo background.
    • Explore with different effects and styles to create a unique NFT art photo.
    • Save your edits and share!
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      4. Blending NFT Art

      use the blender feature to create surreal nft art

      If you want to blend two photos to create stunning art, now you can. Double exposure photos are showstopping and NFT art-worthy. Before, you needed photoshop or other photography software to make it happen. Now, it’s so easy thanks to YouCam Perfect. Here’s how to use the blender feature:

      • Select your primary photo; this will be the main subject of your final image.
      • Head over to Add Photo and overlay a picture.
      • You can also upload your photo from Shutterstock or your favorite images to work as the overlay.
      • Use the Blender tool to adjust the blending overlay.
      • Adjust the size, border, lighting, and many more aspects. 
      • Save your edits and share!

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      Download YouCam Perfect: Best NFT Editor for Creating NFT Art from Photo

      It’s time to turn your photos into the coolest NFT art pieces out there. With YouCam Perfect, it’s easier than ever to unleash your creativity to try new styles. Download YouCam Perfect for iOS or Android today and explore all the ways you can create NFT artwork today!
      Download YouCam Perfect, the best photo editor to create an NFT artwork

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