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Best Free Photo Editor with Top 5 Editing Features for 2022
Photo Editing

Best Free Photo Editor with Top 5 Editing Features for 2022

Aug 29, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Photo Editor with Top 5 Editing Features for 2022 iPhone Android

Ready to take a bland image and change it into something extraordinary? You’ll need a little help, preferably in the form of the YouCam Perfect app.

The YouCam Perfect app is the ultimate photo editing tool kit that will take the stress out of your creative process. You will find a myriad of free photo editing features that will take your snaps to the next level, including animation, blending, stickers, and frames, to name a few.

YouCam Perfect: The Ultimate Photo Editing Tool Kit

Photo editing is a time-consuming and at times costly process, as you might need to pay for special software. That is … unless you’re using YouCam Perfect, the best free photo editing app.

Download YouCam Perfect, The Best Photo Editing App 2022

YouCam Perfect makes photo editing fun and easy by offering free photo editing features. That means you don’t have to sink your precious money into an expensive app or piece of software just to create fab selfies. It’s truly the best photo editing app for effortlessly creating your next work of art.

Top 5 Photo Editing Tools

Below, we’ll cover our five favorite free photo editing features you can tackle with this photo editing app: animation, filters, stickers, frames, and templates.

1. Bring Your Photos to Life With Animation Effects

Add Animated Wraparound Effects To Photos With Best Free Photo Editing AppDownload Now

YouCam Perfect offers a variety of animation effects to suit every mood. Feeling seasonal? Browse different effects based on the freshness of spring, the heat of summer, and the earthy tones of fall. Want to make your photos stand out on social media? Try adding our colorful animated wraparound effect to make your photos pop. 

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY WRAPAROUND EFFECTS NOW.

Maybe you want to celebrate the holidays? Find effects for your favorite holiday, including:

There are even animation filters for just making your photo artsier. Browse the light and art categories to find filters that take your image to the next level.

👉 Read : Beginners Guide to Add Animation to Your Photo

2. Create Awesome Photos With Filter Effects

Add Neon Filter To Photo Using Best Photo Editor on iPhone AndroidDownload YouCam Perfect Now

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or master complicated editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom to create cool and trendy photos. Photo editing is simple with YouCam Perfect.

YouCam Perfect app provides 600+ filters for you to enhance your photos and improve aesthetics. You can instantly level up your photos in just a few taps. Browse through all the filters in YouCam Perfect and see how they look when applied to your photos. Here are some tips for you to find your ideal filter:

Decide on the color mood you're in today (warm or vivid), find the best suitable filter for your images based on their theme (foodie, landscape, or portrait), or apply some classic and popular filters (vintage, glitch, sparkle, etc). 

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3. Object Removal

Use Object Removal To Remove Unwanted Objects In PhotosDownload App Now

Did you snap the perfect photo, but noticed some photobombers in the background? Or a closer inspection of your photo has revealed some unwanted objects that ruin the composition? Don’t worry, the YouCam Perfect app has made erasing unwanted objects and people from your photo a super easy process. No advanced photo editing skills required! 

Download YouCam Perfect

  • Just click Photo Edit, then choose Removal.
  • Select the size of the brush and draw over the item you wish to remove.
  • Once the object is highlighted, click the green Remove button.
  • The app will process the object removal and smooth out the background in its place.

Voilà! The unwanted object is now gone and you have the perfect image. 
Bonus: you can make the entire process even easier by using the Smart Brush tool. Give it a try!

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY OBJECT REMOVAL NOW.

4. Frame It!

Try Golden Pattern Frame Pack On Your PicturesDownload Best Photo Editing App Now

Get your snaps ready for Insta in a matter of seconds. Frames are a cool way to breathe new life into an image that’s seriously lacking. They go around your image for a bit of flair and help the eye focus on the main attraction — you! Explore YouCam Perfect’s frame collection: from celebrating life’s precious moments to making a fashion statement, the selection of free frames is overwhelming! 
Here are some we love:

  • Spring. Flowers and sun and greenery, oh my! The Spring frames pack comes with everything you need to make your photos blossom.
  • Golden Patterns. Want to keep things simple and elegant? Find a Golden Pattern frame to go around your image.
  • Mother’s Day. Show your mom you care. Use these frames to add cute hearts and other sayings to your favorite mother-daughter selfie.
  • Birthday Frame

5. Customize Your Pictures with Templates

Apply Different Types of Templates For Your PhotosDownload The YouCam Perfect App Now

You can customize your photos with easy-to-use templates. It’s an advanced feature similar to collage, but you can easily and effortlessly edit the elements within the template.

  • Go to the Template tab
  • Choose the design you like from hundreds of choices.
  • You can select the size you need (for portrait, for Instagram story or for Facebook post) and how many photos you would like to include in the template.
  • Then, you can magnify or move the elements within the template.
  • Moreover, you can also change the background of the template to show your personal style. 

Here are some Template categories available:

  • Love: to celebrate romantic moments with your loved ones
  • Holiday: to celebrate the most popular holidays, including Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Halloween
  • Life Moments: to preserve life’s precious moments in a creative way
  • Food & Dining: to decorate your delicious food snaps

Learn More Editing Tools in YouCam Perfect:

Download The Best Photo Editor And Try Top Free Photo Editing Features Today

Free Download Best Free Photo Editor App 2022 For iPhone and Android, YouCam Perfect

Ready to start creating and editing your photos? Download YouCam Perfect on Google Play or the App Store to explore these top free photo editing features and more! YouCam Perfect also has many easy-to-use beautifying tools that will turn your portraits and selfies into magnificent works of art. Read our Complete Guide to Fixing Common Portrait Mistakes to learn more.

Want to get more photo editing tips and tricks? Subscribe to the YouCam Perfect YouTube channel, and follow us on Instagram for creative editing ideas and awesome selfie tips!

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