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4 Best Free Lightroom Alternative Apps for iOS & Android 2022

Feb 7, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Lightroom Mobile Alternative App For Android iPhone 2022

There are numerous photo editing software choices on the market. Lightroom has been favored by photographers due to its easy and powerful editing tools. Photographers can easily manage their photos and do batch edits in Lightroom. Its friendly editing tools and wide variety of presets are also one of the reasons why users appreciate it. There is also Lightroom Mobile app for people who need to edit photos on their phone anytime, anywhere.

Lightroom Mobile supports basic editing tools like crop & rotate, light adjustment, and color adjustment. Some popular tools like Healing Brush, Perspective tool, and photo sharing are only available with a premium subscription. It’s $9.99 a month, which is way out of most people’s budget.

Why You Need an Alternative App to Adobe Lightroom

However, Lightroom lacks some advanced editing tools, and gaining access to cloud storage, raw editing, and other features comes at a cost. You might need to use Photoshop as well if you want to make additional changes like layer editing, background change, and more. Although Lightroom Mobile supports most functions of the Lightroom software, it’s quite complicated for mobile users to edit photos in different apps.

YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Editor App Like Lightroom Mobile

Luckily, there are many great Lightroom alternatives that provide similar features and even more! The best Lightroom Mobile alternative is the YouCam Perfect app, an easy-to-use and free photo-editing app with numerous incredible editing tools. In this article, we will introduce four best Lightroom alternatives for quick and easy mobile photo editing, minus the hefty price tag and complicated navigation.

Table of Contents

    Discover 4 Best Free Alternatives to Lightroom App

    Keep reading to understand more about the YouCam Perfect app and the other three alternatives to Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and Android in 2022!

    1. YouCam Perfect: Best Free Lightroom Alternative App

    Best For: Those looking for a free Lightroom alternative with myriad editing features to take their photos to the next level.

    Download The Best Free Lightroom Alternative App android iphone

    Available For: iOS and Android

    Cost: Free

    Summary: Our number one pick for the best Lightroom alternative is YouCam Perfect. That’s because it offers all the features Lightroom does — and more. Any image you visualize can be created with YouCam Perfect. The possibilities are endless!

    YouCam Perfect Is The Best Free Lightroom Alternative App To Mobile Photo Editing In 2022

    With YouCam Perfect, customizing your selfie or other photo is easy. You can use one of the hundreds of preset filters and effects and adjust the intensity depending on the vibe you’re going for.

    Cropping out unwanted people or objects is easy with the object removal tool. Just highlight the things you want gone from your photo, and like magic, they’ll disappear.

    Let’s not forget about the powerful face retouching and beautifying tools. If you’d like to tweak your appearance so you shine on Instagram, YouCam Perfect lets you tinker with your:

    You can even add animations and stickers to your snaps, blend images, replace the sky, and even change the background to make your photos truly stand out. All in all, we like this app because it packages everything you could ever dream up into one, simple-to-use software. 

    Free Download YouCam Perfect

    2. Snapseed: Free & Basic Lightroom App

    One of Best Free Lightroom Alternatives, Snapseed

    Available For: iOS and Android

    Cost: Free

    Best For: Those looking for an entirely free option and aren’t concerned about portrait editing.

    Summary: ‘Snapseed’ by Google is a pretty basic alternative to Lightroom. It allows you to tweak the appearance of a photo, but not much else. There are a few aesthetic filters available that we recommend you try, including:

    • Drama
    • Grunge
    • Vintage
    • Center-focus
    • Frames
    • Tilt-shift

    Overall, while Snapseed does offer some personalization, it’s pretty limited. You’ll probably find it doesn’t offer a ton more than your phone’s native image editor. That’s why YouCam Perfect is probably the better choice for most people.

    3. Photoleap: Artistic Lightroom-Like App

    One of Best Free Lightroom Alternatives, Photoleap

    Available For: iOS only

    Cost: Free

    Best For: Those wanting to make an artistic creation by layering photos.

    Summary: If your goal is to take your photo into a fantasy world, then Photoleap might be right for you. It provides not only the basic editing tools that Lightroom Mobile offers, but also specializes in photo layering that you can use to create a unique composition. You’ll have the chance to create an artistic masterpiece using graphic design, street art, and more.

    Because of these intense features, it’s a little harder to use than these other free Lightroom alternatives, and it’s also more limiting. If you just want to tweak your photo for upload or add a cool filter, this isn’t the app for you. Not everyone is a virtual Van Gogh, so most people would prefer something a little less artsy (like YouCam Perfect). 

    4. Prequel: Aesthetic Lighroom-Like Editing App

    One of Best Free Lightroom Alternatives for Android iPhone, Prequel

    Available For: iOS and Android

    Cost: Free

    Best For: Those looking to add music to their videos for an Instagram-ready story.

    Summary: Prequel is a dual-purpose photo and video editor with one significant advantage over Lightroom Mobile: various filters and effect templates. But to be honest, most of its photo effects are pretty lackluster. They’re one-size-fits-all for Instagram stories, meaning you can’t customize a filter at all once you’ve applied it. That being said, we’d recommend a few filters including:

    • VHS
    • Stardust
    • Disco
    • Monroe
    • Retro
    • Vintage

    Where Prequel does shine is its video editing. You’re able to add text and music to your videos for compelling Instagram story clips. Still, since Instagram comes with its own native video editor, we can’t really recommend this app to many people.

    Best Free Lightroom Alternative App Overview

    Here’s how our comparison of these four apps stacks up when it comes to user reviews, features, ease of use, and cost.

    Comparison Table of Best Free Lightroom Alternative Apps

    With so many alternatives on the market, We've reviewed all the best Lightroom Mobile alternatives for you to find the most suitable photo editing app. YouCam Perfect app is the best option out there for you!

    Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Lightroom Alternative App

    YouCam Perfect is our best Lightroom alternative for iPhone and Android, so why not give it a try? Download the app now to discover everything it has to offer.

    Download the Best Free Lightroom Alternative App iPhone Android 2022

    Lightroom Alternative Apps FAQs

    What is the best free alternative to Lightroom?

    These are the 4 best Lightroom alternative apps that we recommend to try for photo editing. They are also free to use on iPhone or Android!

    You can also learn more in our review of the best free photo editing apps for android and iOS that we’ve done earlier this year.

    What can I use instead of Lightroom app?

    YouCam Perfect is the best choice for you to use instead of Lightroom! It offers every editing tool you will need, and even more! You can also read more about our 5 most popular features and see how you can turn your photos into art!

    Is there a cheaper version of Lightroom for iPhone and Android?

    YouCam Perfect is a much cheaper version of Lightroom and its basic option is free to download and use. Despite such low costs, the app offers a wide selection of photo editing and beautifying tools for all your creative needs. You can also read more about our review of the best free photo editing apps for android and iOS this year.

    Start Editing with Best Free Lightroom Alternative App

    Download Best Free Lightroom Alternative Apps For iPhone and Android

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