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4 Ways AI Skin Simulations Can Supercharge Sales

Jun 7, 2022 · 3 minutes read
4 Ways AI Skin Simulations Can Supercharge Sales

The digital transformation is here and brands across all categories are being challenged to find innovative new ways to engage with their consumers in a digital-first marketplace. While makeup and fashion brands turn to hyper-realistic augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to introduce virtual try-on capabilities for their products, skincare brands are also finding unique AI-powered solutions to build on their consumer experience.

Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AI-powered skincare diagnostic technology continues to improve in accuracy and scope, delivering an instant skincare analysis to measure a growing list of common skincare concerns. What originally started with analyzing spots, wrinkles, texture, and dark circles, has now expanded to encompass 14 different skin concerns including redness, hydration, oiliness, radiance and more.

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The most recent AI skin tech advancement that is set to take the consumer skincare shopping experience to the next level is AI skin simulation technology. This unique AI-based emulation technology uses cutting-edge AI Generative Adversarial Network (AI GAN) technology to generate facial aging results which depict different signs of skin aging in both younger and older directions. While the technology alone certainly piques curiosity, there are several ways that this advanced AI skin simulation can also help brands drive sales.

Showcase Product Efficacy

AI Skin Simulation highlight product efficacy in a personalized way.Contact Perfect Corp.

The use of AI Skin Simulations can be used to showcase the efficacy of the products in your skincare regimen. While skincare consumers can turn to AI skin analysis to track their individual skin care health, they can utilize AI Skim Simulations for a glimpse at the short and long-term effects that a product promises to have. Instead of relying on a brand's “before” and “after” imagery, this emulation technology can actually show the results on the consumer at the point of purchase to help drive the sale. This highlights product efficacy in a personalized way, and can help customers clearly visualize long-term results and benefits of using a specific skincare product.

Highlight Long/Short Term Results

It’s hard to highlight the long and short terms results of a skincare product in the brief seconds a customer’s spends browsing the beauty aisle or webpage. With AI Skin Simulation technology, brands can deliver a personalized product shopping experience that instantly spotlights the long and short-term results of a product, helping customers make more confident purchase decisions.

AI Skin Simulation highlights long and short term results.Contact Perfect Corp.

Captivate the Skincare Consumer

There’s no denying that a glimpse into the past or future delivers a compelling consumer experience. It’s similar to the idea of looking into a crystal ball—except in this case that crystal ball is your smartphone or computer. Brands can utilize AI Skin Simulation technology in order to create more engaged, exciting, and entertaining consumer shopping experiences that allow shoppers to connect with their brands in a whole new way. This drives more satisfying shopping experiences and in turn, boosts sales and customer satisfaction.  

Boost Confidence in Purchase Decisions

The use of AI skin simulation technology can help brands showcase the results of a skincare product ahead of the customer making a purchase. This helps to boost customer confidence by allowing customers to not only see or read about the benefits of a product, but also see how those results directly translate onto their face. This advanced simulation technology allows shoppers to see firsthand the smoother, clearer results of their purchase before they click to buy.

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