AR 3D Virtual Headwear Try-On

Try a wide range of hyper-realistic 3D AR hats and headbands in real time

Hyper-realistic AR Try-On 3D Headwear powered by Tracking AI Technology

Precise real-time AI face tracking gives an ultra realistic AR try-on experience, accurately recreating the product experience virtually for your customers.

Supported Accessory Categories for AR Try-On

Easily provide many different types of headband at the tap of a screen for users to try. Hyper-realistic virtual trials allow customers to experience each design directly on themselves and helps them to discover styles that suit them the best in seconds.

Complete a virtual look with an AR hat. 3D virtual hats are another AR try-on experience perfected by the AgileFace® Tracking Technology. Extending beyond the face, exploring 3D hat styles is the next step in developing personalized AR style simulations.

One AR Virtual Try-On Solution Works on Multiple Channels

Your customer can try-on accessories live on your website, fully compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers.

Turnkey in-store AR virtual accessories try-on solution allows shoppers to try accessories in real time using an in-store smart beauty mirror.

3D Accessories Virtual Try-On is Available as:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail.

Let’s Build a Success Story Together

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