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ESG Commitments

About Us



Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading SaaS technology company offering AR & AI –powered solutions dedicated to the beauty and fashion industry. With a passion for technology, and a love for beauty and makeup at heart, we are building inclusive, eco-friendly, and friction-less cutting-edge solutions for the digital-first world.

We strive to be a force for good through our product development philosophy, sustainability, long-term partnerships, creative community development, and inclusive workplace. Our solutions aim to make a positive impact on the planet by drastically reducing plastic waste, and other related carbon footprint emissions. Our algorithms are developed in house by a team of passionate engineers who work with inclusivity in mind, developing technologies that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity.

Perfect Corp. is committed to cultivating and developing a robust ESG strategy in accordance with UN Global Compact, UN SDGs, and RBA guidelines, which includes environmental, philanthropic, ethical, and economic responsibilities.
Ethical Management
We take active steps to respect and preserve human rights along the entire product development chain, and expect the same form our brand partners. We follow principles of honesty, transparency, and compliance, and comply with the law across all our business operations.
Inclusive Workplace
We believe that a diverse team is the source of strength and creativity. The wellbeing of employees, in our view, are the foundation for sustainable development. We strive to provide a healthy working environment, increase employee happiness, and implement talent training programs. We actively work towards creating a diverse and inclusive organization that employees can be genuinely proud of being a part of.
Social Responsibility
Perfect Corp. is addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. By having established the "CyberLink & Perfect Education Foundation" we are contributing to the community by funding social services, education programs for economically underprivileged students, including a collaboration with several universities, and organizing other social activities, such as blood drive campaigns.
Environmental Protection
Perfect Corp. aims to gradually increase the proportion of green electricity used and effectively lower our corporate carbon footprint. Furthermore, we actively work towards eliminating the use of paper, and aim to switch to 100% digital solutions for business operations.