3D VTO File Format for AR Virtual Try-On

Equipping 3D model creators with best-in-class tools through a standardized .vto format for AR virtual try-on experiences.

Democratizing Access to Digital Innovation for 3D Model Creators

With the introduction of the standardized .vto file format, we have established an open standard that ensures compatibility across all wearable 3D objects. The format allows 3D modelling creators and developers the chance to create high-quality, true-to-life AR virtual try-ons for beauty and fashion accessories across all modern web browsers and mobile devices.


Easily Enable Virtual Try-On for Jewelry, Watch and Eyewear 3D Assets

The .vto file format defines various body parts, such as the head, hand, ear, neck, face, and wrist, for virtual try-ons.


The creations used in AR VTO files can be 3D-modelled physical accessories such as bracelets, watches, sunglasses, earrings, etc, or purely digital creations, like stylish hats or earrings.


Offering Easy Integration with Fully-Customizable Attributes

The .vto file type unifies 3D virtual try-on experiences into a single standard file format, allowing 3D creators to easily and efficiently make existing 3D assets compatible with Perfect Corp.'s VTO engine and customize attributes such as 3D mesh files, textures, materials, and images. This enables high-performing AR try-on experiences with low technical requirements in the fashion and jewelry industries.


Delivering a Wide Array of Benefits

Adopters of the standardized gLTF 2.0-based .vto file format will enjoy a range of incredible benefits:


Ensuring Customization, Saving Time and Maximizing Compatibility

The .vto file format pre-defines standard sizes, coordinate systems, textures, anchor points and more to save time and resources for 3D content creators.


By implementing the .vto file, brands and 3D developers can effortlessly convert their existing 3D assets into exceptional AR try-on experiences using Perfect Corp.'s best-in-class VTO engine.

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