AI Bracelet Virtual Try-On

Hyper realistic, ultra smooth bracelet virtual try-on to elevate your online jewelry shopping. Now Supports 3D Models and 2D Image Uploads.
AR Bracelet

AI Bracelet Virtual Try-On Dedicated to Fine Jewelry Brands 

Employ AI-powered solutions to assist your customers with online purchases, ensuring perfect fit and great shopping satisfaction every time.


Create Bracelet Virtual Try-Ons 
from 3D Models or 2D Images

Create a compelling shopping flow with the hyper-realistic bracelet virtual try-on experiences. Our solution caters to the needs of jewelry brands of all sizes.



AI Bracelet Stacking Set - Mix and Match Styles Virtually

Effortlessly mix and match rings, bracelets, and watches. Discover a plethora of stacking sets possibilities, including gold, diamond, rose gold, sapphires, and silver options designed to cater to both men and women.


Bringing Enriched Shopping Experiences with AR Bracelet

Wrist Sizer Tool to Enhance Bracelet Shopping

Our new wrist sizer tool transforms bracelet shopping into a breeze. No more discomfort from loose or tight bracelets. Our tool helps your customers take the guesswork out of bracelet shopping, get the correct size for purchasing, and assists in reducing costly returns.


AI-Powered Wrist Mapping

Ultra-precise hand mapping and tracking powered by our proprietary AgileHand™ Technology, and state-of-the-art AI deep learning algorithms.


Best-in-class AI algorithms generate AR bracelet renderings that fit perfectly on bare wrists, with full hand-movement support, and without the need for external positioning markers.


Physically Based Rendering (PBR) and 3D Models

Highly-realistic textures, material reflections, and lighting simulations deliver top-class AR effects for the most realistic virtual try-on experience.


By using the latest Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology, our AR bracelets present digital product renderings with incredible accuracy.


Our AI Virtual Bracelet Services

Omnichannel & Cross-Platform Ecommerce Support

Highly flexible solution, with both web and mobile app support, supercharging brands' omnichannel strategies and allowing anyone to try glasses on virtually.


Seamless support across iOS and Android devices, as well all major browsers on MacOS and Windows platforms.


AI-powered AR Bracelet Technology is available in:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail.

Let's Build Your Success Story Together


AR Bracelet Try On FAQs

What is an augmented reality bracelet?

An augmented reality bracelet is a digital asset that enables users to visualize real products through their camera, enhancing their shopping experience.

How does augmented reality bracelet try on work?

Augmented reality bracelet try-on works by utilizing 3D digital models overlaid onto the user's wrist through a camera, enabling them to visualize how the bracelets would appear before purchasing.

What is augmented reality wearables?

Augmented reality wearables encompass devices such as glasses, headsets, bracelets, rings and watches. They overlay digital information onto the user's real-world view, enriching their interaction with the environment.

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