Virtual Hairstyles

AI Haircut & Hairstyle Generator for Boosting Brand Sales
AR Hairstyle

Empowering Consumer Confidence 
with the Hyper-Realistic Haircut Simulator

Present final haircut results to your customers beforehand in a highly-personalized and visual way. Help clients find their perfect hairstyle and make them look forward to their next salon visit. 

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Long, Wavy, Bangs or Short Hair Simulation

Let your customers try different hairstyles before committing to the cut.

The AR Hairstyle Virtual Try-On gives complete freedom to virtually try a broad array of different hairstyles with highly-sophisticated haircut simulation technology.

Pixie Cut
Classic Bobcut
Bobcut Without Bangs
Ear Length Bobcut
Wavy Bobcut
Curly Bobcut
Curly Bobcut 2
Pixie Cut
Pixie Cut 2
Buzz Cut

Personalized AR Hairstyle Virtual Try-On for Hair Salons and Hair Stylists

The highly-advanced AI algorithm that leverages the latest developments in machine learning (ML) and Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology, is capable of recreating parts of the face, ears, neck and head obscured by hair when simulating a transition to shorter cuts.

The technology takes hair color and skin tone into consideration when adapting renders to each of your customers' unique characteristics.


Full Hairstyle Makeovers with AR Hair Color Try-on

Complete the AR Hairstyle experience with ultra-realistic AR hair color try on. Choose between various options across the entire color range spectrum, and choose a combination that compliments the cut and each of your unique client the most, helping you create the best possible results.


Review Results and Advise on the Best Hairstyle

Show your customers before and after results. 

Review the results in a comfortable and risk-free environment, before putting your scissors in motion.


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