3D Viewer & 3D Authoring Tool for AR Rings & Watches

Intuitive cloud workspace & 3D web viewer to apply materials to CAD objects, populate 3D SKUs, and publish AR virtual try-on experiences to e-commerce.

Cloud Authoring Workflow to Turn CAD into Web 3D Viewer and AR Virtual Try-On Experiences

The cloud 3D Authoring Tool allows jewelry and watch brands to import 3D files, add material textures to meshes, preview the 3D rendering in real-time, and create both 3D Viewer and AR try-on experiences in one smooth workflow.

Efficiently Design 3D Assets with Unlimited Variations

The solution supports industry standard 3D model files and easily applies materials on individual 3D parts in a highly organized way.

Use the built-in materials and textures libraries for speedy 3D object authoring or expand libraries with custom texture uploads.

3D & AR Viewer

Create AR Ring and Watch Web Viewer and Virtual Try-On Web Experiences from 3D Object Files

Amaze your online customers with hyper-realistic and detailed 3D models of your products.

Recreate the luxurious feel of materials and sparkle of gemstones using our market-leading AR virtual try-on technology.

Build Unique Shopping Experiences with Style-Configurable 3D Web Viewer and AR Virtual Try-Ons

Let your online shoppers personalize timepieces and jewelry with the state-of-the-art 3D web viewer.

The online 3D viewer & configurator allows shoppers to change various components and virtually experience the piece on their hands with our proprietary AR technology powered by AgileHand™.

Show-Stopping Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

True-to-life textures, material reflections, and lighting simulations deliver top-class AR effects for the most realistic virtual try-on experience.

Taking advantage of physically based rendering (PBR), the AR watch and jewelry digital renderings are presented with astounding accuracy.

Auto AR 3D SKU Generation

The auto 3D SKU generation tool saves you time by automatically generating all SKU variances based on all combinations of material and texture selections.

The technology saves tremendous amounts of time by creating all SKUs in one single batch.

3D Viewer with Virtual Try-on is available in:

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