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Try a Wide Range of Hyper-Realistic AR 3D Earrings in Real Time
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Hyper-Realistic Try-On for AR Jewelry and 3D Earrings

Precise real-time AI face tracking gives users an ultra realistic AR try-on experience, accurately recreating the physical product try-on experience virtually for your customers.

3D Virtual Earrings & Ear Jewelry

The 3D model supports high-resolution textures and material reflections, giving all types of virtual earrings the most realistic appearence. Simulated motion physics with rigid body dynamics and occlusion culling ensures 3D earrings behave in a completely natural way.

Ear Lobe and Outer Ear Placement Support

The virtual earring try-on experience delivers options for jewelry, earrings and pendant try-on in 13 distinct positions across the ear. Users can mix and match several types of ear accessories in various placements on the ear’s lobe and helix in real time.
One AR Earrings Virtual Try-On Jewelry Solution Works on Multiple Channels

3D Earrings Virtual Try On for E-commerce

Users can virtually try-on all types of 3D earrings directly on your website or ecommerce platform. The solution is fully compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers.

In-Store 3D Virtual Earrings Try-On

The turnkey jewelry try-on solution also allows shoppers to virtually try 3D earrings in real time using an in-store smart beauty mirror.

3D Accessories Virtual Try-On is Available as:

Further enhancement of your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail

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