AR Watch Virtual Try-Onpowered by Al

Hyper realistic & ultra-smooth 3D AR watch virtual try-on.
Revolutionizing the watch-shopping experience.
AR Watch

A New Way to Shop! AR Virtual Try-On Enables Watch Brands to Transform Their Ecommerce Experience

Meeting consumer demands for more engaging online watch shopping experiences with AR Watch Virtual Try-On, allowing shoppers to find the perfect fit before committing to a purchase.

Bringing Enriched AR Watch Shopping Experiences

Seamless virtual try-on for AR watches, a real-time AR experience on bare wrists - no extra markers required.
Modernizing luxurious shopping experiences with an ultra-personalized, high-touch AR approach with white label watch support.
Enabling new shopping experiences, and allowing watch brands to meet shoppers where they like to shop most - online.

Realistic AR Enhanced by Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

Highly-realistic textures, material reflections, and lighting simulations deliver top-class AR effects for the most realistic virtual try-on experience.

Taking advantage of physically based rendering (PBR), our AR watches present digital product renderings with incredible accuracy.

AI-powered Wrist Mapping

Ultra-precise hand mapping and tracking powered by state-of-the-art AI deep learning algorithms.

Best-in-class AI algorithms generate AR watch renderings that fit perfectly on bare wrists, with full hand-movement support, and without the need for external positioning markers..

Our AR Watch Services for Brands

Integrate AR Watch Virtual Try-On into your brand website, ecommerce site, or mobile app.
Leverage modularized turnkey solution to enjoy fast ecommerce deployment for own brand or white label watches.
Gain access to detailed analytics dashboard for valuable usage statistics insights.

Omnichannel & Cross-Platform Ecommerce Support

Highly flexible solution, with both web and mobile app support, supercharging brands' omnichannel strategies.

Seamless AR watch support across iOS and Android devices, as well all major browsers on MacOS and Windows platforms.

AI-powered AR Watch Technology is available in:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce ,mobile app, and in-store retail.

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