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Skincare Pro: AI Skin Scanner

AI skincare analysis scanner app & medical spa software tailored for iOS devices, featuring an integrated CRM system for improved aesthetic record keeping.

AI Skin Scanner App Integrated With Medical Spa Software

Introducing the AI-powered Skin Scanner app, specifically crafted for medspas, salons, and skincare businesses. This innovative tool utilizes advanced technology to deliver precise skin analysis, aiding professionals in offering tailored & professional skincare solutions. With its seamless integration, it enhances the service quality and client experience across various skincare establishments. Additionally, its sleek and intuitive interface adds an aesthetics software element, providing both practitioners and clients with a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience.

Premier Skin Scanner App for Aesthetic Beauticians

Our skin scanner provides highly detailed skincare analysis, offering visualizations that intuitively help users understand their skin conditions. It also recommends personalized skincare regimens and routines with clarity and precision.


AI Skin Analysis App with

Aesthetic Record Tracking 

Embrace a powerful AI skin analysis app that eliminates the bulkiness of physical skin analysis machines and the high maintenance costs associated with skin imaging booth devices. This innovative skincare analysis solution is complemented by an CRM system for aesthetic record-keeping.


Comprehensive Skin Analysis Made Simple: 14 Concerns in One Scan

Skincare Pro is a cutting-edge skin analysis app tailored for skincare professionals. With its advanced AI skin scanner technology, it swiftly identifies up to 14 skin concerns within 7 seconds, providing a comprehensive skin assessment report. This skin scanner tool equips professionals with personalized skincare regimens and product recommendations, empowering them to deliver tailored solutions for their clients' skincare needs.

Skin Health


The AI skin scanning algorithm identifies different levels of dark spots and smartly excludes non-dark-spot areas like skin tags, moles and facial hair, to ensure an accurate scan.
Dark Circles
Skin Firmness
Droopy Upper Eyelid
Droopy Lower Eyelid
Visible Pores

NEW All-in-one Skin Scanner & Aesthetics Software with CRM Integration

Cloud-based CRM dashboard to manage customer profiles, skin scan reports, and track treatment success while maintaining HIPAA-compliant security measures. Our CRM features help to enable personalized skincare planning, recommendations, and follow-up care, all powered by cutting-edge aesthetic software.

Automated Aesthetic Record Tracking Systems

Track Skin Scan Comparisons & Progress with Our Skin Analysis App


Medical Spa Software With Cloud Dashboard & Remote Management


Accessible AI-powered Skin Scanner & Aesthetic Software at Your Fingertips

Obtain reliable and accurate skin analysis results without the need for special equipment. Our advanced AI skincare scanner, functioning as aesthetics software, is compact, convenient, and efficient.

Portable Skin Scanner Tool


Dermatologist/Doctor Verified Skin Analysis Results


Customizable Product Recommendations


4 Top Features of the Best Medical Spa Software: Skincare Pro

UI Configuration

Customize Skincare Pro's appearance, including colors, content, copy, and other settings as you please.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Our data visualization tool presents the skin analysis results, allowing you to view usage data at any desired time intervals.

Device Management

Easily manage the number of login devices, and log out redundant devices at your discretion.

User-Friendly Start Guide

A comprehensive tutorial for beginners to complete basic setup.

AI Skin Scanner App vs. Skin Analysis Machine

Skincare Pro

VISIA (7th Gen)

Free Trial
14 Days Free Trial
Monthly fee
Starting at $199/month
(One-time purchase fee)
Photo Mode Concern Detection
Up to 14 Skin Concerns
8 Skin Concerns
Skin Scan Duration
7 Seconds
About 3 Minutes
(Validated by Skin Expert)
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Available on iPhone & iPad
Bulkiness and Occupy Space
Ease of Use
Customers can Perform Self-Skin Scans
Training Needed
Regularly maintained and updated for FREE
Time consuming and extra cost for repairing
Other Features
Available in the Enterprise Plan
(Form Builder, Product Recommendation...etc)
(UV, Aging Simulation, ...etc)

Flexible Plans & Pricing

Billing cycle :
Customizable Solution
21 devices or more
Contact our team for details and a quote
Popular features
Contact Sales
Up to 20 devices
Starting at $139 per device/month
Popular features
14 Days Free Trial
3 devices billed at $ 5,000 Yearly
Up to 20 devices
Starting at $209 per device/month
Popular features
14 Days Free Trial
3 devices billed at $ 7,524 Yearly
Customizable Solution
21 devices or more
Contact our team for details and a quote
Popular features
Contact Sales
Up to 20 devices
Starting at $139 per device/month
Popular features
14 Days Free Trial
3 devices billed at $ 5,000 Yearly
Up to 20 devices
Starting at $209 per device/month
Popular features
14 Days Free Trial
3 devices billed at $ 7,524 Yearly
Get Started

To get started, sign up for a Skincare Pro account on the Perfect Corp website.

Ready to Take Your Skincare Business to the Next Level?

Our AI skin scanner app offers a game-changing way for your skincare customers to receive skin health insights, along with personalized skincare product and treatment recommendations. Contact us to leverage this powerful aesthetic software for your business.

Skincare Pro Skin Scanner FAQ

What is a skin scanner?

A skin scanner helps to provide accurate and comprehensive assessments of skin conditions and skin concerns through a photo or a facial scan. Skincare Pro is an AI-powered skincare scanner that helps your customers identify up to 14 skin concerns in less than 7 seconds. It is a compact and convenient skin scanner for iOS devices designed especially for medspas, clinics and salons.

What does a skin scanner do?

The Skincare Pro skin scanner scans your face to analyze your skin health and pinpoints up to 14 types of common skin concerns. As a Beauty Advisor or skincare professional, you can use the client's skin analysis results to provide personalized skincare product recommendations, routines, and treatments. 

What are the benefits of a skincare scanner?

Skincare scanner solutions encompass a diverse range of features and capabilities. For example, Perfect Corp’s Skincare Pro is a compact and convenient alternative to traditional skin analysis machines, offering portability and accessibility. The app-based AI skin analysis tool includes an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can evaluate up to 14 types of skin concerns in one single scan. Try Skincare Pro skincare scanner free for 14 days.

What is the best skin analysis app?

Perfect Corp’s Skincare Pro is the best skin analysis app for iOS devices. It is a portable skin scanner tool that delivers skin analysis results 20 times faster than the standard imaging booth device. The skin analyzer solution is also verified by experts, displaying a 95% test-retest reliability rate and the core AI technology built using over 70,000 professionally-grade images.

What is medical spa software?

Medical spa software, particularly focusing on skin scanning and CRM systems, integrates advanced technology to facilitate efficient management of client profiles, skin scan reports, and treatment outcomes. It enables personalized skincare planning, recommendations, and follow-up care through sophisticated CRM features, all while utilizing cutting-edge skin scanning technology for accurate assessments and tracking of client progress.

How to put Skincare Pro on an iOS device?

You’ll need two things to setup Skincare Pro on an iOS device.

1. Setup and activate a Skincare Pro login

2. Download YouCam for Business from the App Store

Once you have an activated Skincare Pro login, launch the YouCam for Business app on your iOS device (we recommend using an iPad), and enter your Skincare Pro login. Then you can start using your iOS device as a skin scanner.

What are the benefits of Skincare Pro Skin Scanner CRM?

Skincare Pro Skin Scanner CRM records each skin analysis client to help medspas and skincare businesses track the progress of client skin condition and treatment success. CRM also records skin scan histories, recommended products, and client information for easy management and cloud storage.

Are Skincare Pro’s skin diagnostic results validated by experts?

Yes, we have worked in conjunction with dermatologists like Dr. Steven R. Feldman to validate Skincare Pro results to ensure it’s accuracy.

Here is a list of research publications on Skincare Pro:

  1. Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery (November, 2023)
  2. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (October 2023)
  3. Journal of Dermatological Treatment (Issue 8, 2022) 
  4. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (Issue 12, 2022)
  5. The Dermatologist (September, 2022) 

What is the app that scans your skin?

Skincare Pro is a skin scanner app designed to analyze users' skin conditions with AI technology. It allows users to identify 14 different skin concerns in one scan. It's a perfect medspa software for aesthetic businesses.

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