Face AI Technology

Advanced Face AI leverages machine learning and generative adverserial network technologies to deliver the best in class and industry-leading AI face solutions.

Face AI Skin Technology

The AI Skin Analysis tool utilizes deep learning technology to provide users with real-time skin care analysis and treatment recommendations through accurate detection of wrinkles, spots, skin texture, dark circles, and up to 10 other skin concerns.  


Generative AI advancements simulate skin healing results, giving users emulations of the progress they can expect to see over time.


Face AI Analyzer Solution

Powered by Face AI deep learning technology, AI Face Analyzer is an ultra-personalization engine that provides highly accurate face analysis and product recommendations based on one's unique features and shades.


The powerful Face AI was trained using over 100,000 faces across different genders & ethnic backgrounds, and is capable of delivering an instant and accurate detection of 70+ facial traits and 5 types of personal color palettes.


Face AI Glasses Solution

Face AI algorithms map the user's face to determine the ideal postion for AR glasses, ensuring these stay perfectly in place through the real-time virtual try-on experience.  


Moreover, smart AI-powered tools automatically measure the exact distance between pupils with no external markers, ensuring the best frame size for both digital and physical products.


Face AI Beard Try-On Tool

This Face AI solution is able to empower men to have the complete freedom to virtually try different beard styles with the highly sophisticated beard simulation technology.  


The advanced generative Face AI also digitally reconstructs face areas covered with facial hair with highly accurate simulations, giving users true-to-life clean shaven emulations.


Face AI Haircut Simulator

Help clients find their perfect hairstyle and make them look forward to their next salon visit with the hyper-realistic Haircut Simulator.


The tool gives complete freedom to virtually try a broad array of different hairstyles with highly-sophisticated haircut simulation technology.


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