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True-to-life AI & AR-powered 
virtual makeover experiences

AR Makeup Virtual Try-On

Powerful 3D AR face technology gives users a true-to-life virtual makeover experience in real-time for all types of makeup products. 

The solution is powered by the patented AgileFace® technology, enabling remarkably accurate & highly-personalized virtual try-on experiences for all beauty shoppers.

AI Virtual Background Changer

Pair your makeup look with a themed background to complete the look and feel of the experience, or switch the background during holidays and special occasions.

YouCam Tutorial

Create interactive, step-by-step, AR makeup instruction videos, mapped-out on a customer’s face, teaching them how to correctly apply your makeup products for the best results.

Shade Finder

AI foundation shade matcher with skin tone analysis and personalized foundation recommendations

AI Foundation Shade Finder and Matcher

Highly-accurate skin tone detection and foundation shade matching technology. The AI deep learning algorithm is trained on a full spectrum of skin tones with 89,969 shades, unlimited grades from light to dark, and true undertones from warm to cool, providing best-in-class foundation matching and product recommendation.

Skin Analysis

Deliver a highly-accurate and personalized skincare shopping experience with AI technology

AI Skin Analysis

Using AI deep learning algorithms, the skin analysis tool helps skincare brands drive sales through highly-accurate skin concern detection and personalized product recommendations of brands’ products. 

The photo-based solution detects up to 14 types of skin concerns in just 2 seconds, with the video skin analysis tool identifying up to 5 skin issues in real time through live camera mode and visualizing these for the consumer through a highly-advanced AR overlay.

Emulation Technology for Skincare Treatment

AI platform enabling skincare brands to offer customers AI emulations to visualize product-use benefits.

Offer your skincare customers detailed and accurate representations of the expected results of a course of treatment, overlaid directly onto their faces with the latest advancements in AR technology.

Facial Analysis

Ultra-personalized product recommendations based on unique facial features and color palettes

AI Face Analyzer

Highly-accurate personalized product matching using AI technology. Ultra-personalized face analysis and product recommendations based on each customer’s unique facial features and color palette with instant and accurate detection of 70+ facial traits and 5 types of personal color palettes.

AI Personality Finder and Product Recommendation

Bringing tailored product recommendations to your customers based on their unique character traits.

AI Face Reshape Simulator

Delivering accurate digital visualizations of cosmetic enhancements across users' faces.

Jewelry & Watches

Ultra-precise 3D hand tracking technology for the best in class virtual try-on experience

AR Virtual Earring Try-On

With high-resolution textures and material reflections, the virtual earring try-on experience delivers options for earring try-on in 13 distinct positions across the ear.

AR Virtual Ring Try-On

Help your customers feel confident in their purchase decisions when shopping for rings for any occasion. AR ring renderings fit perfectly on the user's fingers, with full hand-movement support, and without the need for external positioning markers.

AR Watch Virtual Try-On

Provide an engaging online watch shopping experience with augmented reality. Allow shoppers to find the perfect fit with ease thanks to AR Watch Virtual Try-On.

AR Bracelet Virtual Try-On

Modernizing luxurious shopping experiences with the hyper realistic, ultra-smooth 3D bracelet virtual try-on. 

Necklace Virtual Try-On

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology allows our AR 3D necklaces to present product renderings with incredible accuracy.

3D Viewer & 3D Authoring Tool

Recreate the luxurious look and feel of materials and sparkle of gemstones with hyper-realistic and detailed 3D models of your products.


Unique live AR virtual try-on for nails takes shopping for nail products to a whole new level.

AI-Powered Virtual Try-On for Nails

Revolutionize the shopping journey for nail art and nail polish with this AI-powered solution. Provide your customers with an instant live preview of your nail polish or nail art on their hands in real time.


AI-powered hyper-realistic digital 
3D glasses and sunglasses 

AI-Powered Virtual Try-On for Glasses

Bring a hyper-realistic virtual glasses try-on experience to your shoppers. The 3D mapping technology allows eyewear brands to effortlessly create accurate virtual glasses using just 3 flat images. Auto pupillary distance (PD) detection ensures the most accurate frame size fitting on all customer's faces.


Highly-realistic 3D AR hats, 
headbands, tiaras and more

AR 3D Virtual Headwear Try-On

Precise real-time AI face tracking gives users an ultra realistic AR try-on experience for hats and headbands, accurately recreating the product experience virtually for your customers.


Present cut and style previews to salon customers in a highly-personalized and visual way

AI Virtual Hair Style Try-On

Present final haircut results to your customers beforehand in a highly-personalized and visual way. Help clients find their perfect hairstyle and make them look forward to their next salon visit. 

Hair Color Try-On and Curl Type Detection

Virtually try-on hair colors in real-time and experience persolanised hair product recommendations with auto hair type detection. The innovative technology improves online consumer shopping experiences by allowing shoppers to sample various hair dye products in the most convenient way.

Men's Grooming

Beard virtual try-on technology empowering men to take their grooming game to the next level

AI-Powered Men's Beard Coloring and Beard Shapes

AI-powered beauty tech solution dedicated to deliver an ultra-personalized customer experience empowering men to experiment with different beard colors and styles.

Platform Support

The ultimate suite of integration services for a truly omnichannel strategy

YouCam for Web

YouCam for Web provides the most complete suite of AI & AR beauty tech solutions designed to enhance your online shopping experience, significantly increasing sales conversions, and 'add to cart' volumes.

YouCam for Web Enterprise solutions runs on efficient WebAssembly binary-code format, provides near-native speed performance, fast integration, high security, and is compatible across devices and browsers.

Mobile SDK

Upgrade your mobile app to bring the most powerful virtual shopping experiences to your customers.

Beauty Advisor 1-on-1

Enhance the online makeup consultant and beauty consultant experience with AR virtual try-on

WeChat Mini-program

Grow your business on WeChat Mini Programs by delivering the interactive and personalized shopping journey that the modern consumers want.

Taobao Mini-program

Drive online sales and keep Taobao shoppers engaged in a whole new virtually connected way that invites discovery and experimentation.

Douyin Mini-program

The first-ever AR Makeup Mini Program for Douyin. 3-in-1 digital solution for beauty brands that will help engage with Douyin users.

Smart Beauty Mirror for In-Store Consultation

A unique in-store try before you buy experience with market leading AR virtual try-on.

YouCam Makeup App Listing

Strengthen user engagement with the most powerful AI & AR technology.

AR Virtual Makeup for Google and YouTube

Meet potential customers where they are by publishing virtual SKUs directly to Google Search and YouTube's AR experience.

AR Virtual Try-On for Instagram

Easily add hyper-engaged virtual makeup try-ons into your social shopping experience with Instagram Augmented Reality via the Perfect Console.

Virtual Makeup Try-On for Snapchat AR

Bring your virtual SKUs to Snapchat's Dynamic Shopping Lens. Easily create shoppable AR SKUs using Perfect Corp.'s brand console.

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