Tracking Technology

Ultra-precise 3D Hand Tracking Technology for
the Best in Class Virtual Try-on Experience
Product of the Year 2022, BIG Sales and Marketing Technology Awards

Powering Next Level Hand Virtual Try-On Shopping Experiences

Groundbreaking technology to help brands integrate smooth virtual try-on on a wide range of products for hand, including watch, bracelet, ring, nail polish, and press on nails.

Powered by AI Neural Networks for Ultra Precise Hand Tracking

Only the best hand tracking performance can deliver ultra realistic hand virtual try-ons for various hand product categories.

Our hand tracking technology, is trained on real hand models with a complete array of gestures, skin tones, textures, as well as hand and finger sizes, encompassing all unique personal traits, providing a truly inclusive solution.

Powering a Wide Range of Experiences

AgileHand™ technology is at the heart of several virtual try-on experiences.
For companies wishing to bring their products into the Metaverse, AgileHand™ provides a fast path to asset digitization with hyper-realistic, high-touch results.

Feels Like Wearing the Real Product

Our AR virtual try-on experience is enhanced by Physically Based Rendering (PBR) method. It simulates many real-life physics, including built materials, textures, micro-reflections, light scattering, and more.

Using PBR, all our AR expreneces present your virtual products with unprecedented details and incredible accuracy.

Extreme Realism with Enhanced Environmental Lighting

Developed with proprietary visual computing algorithm, the Enhanced Environmental Lighting feature further adds to the extreme realism of our virtual try-on experience, mimicking natural lighting and imposing realistic reflections on the AR virtual products.

Instantaneous Experience: Works on Any Camera-enabled Device

AgileHand™ eliminates all the pain points along the consumer journey to deliver a solution that works instantly, without a need to use any physical objects to calibrate the camera.

AgileHand™ is able to determine wrist & finger sizes automatically and impose AR objects seamlessly on your customers’ hands instantly, creating a fully immersive shopping experience.

AI-powered AR Watch Technology is available in:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce ,mobile app, and in-store retail.

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