AI Hair Type Analysis

Identify the texture, thickness, and curl patterns of your customers' hair, and recommend the best hair care products for their individual needs.

Identify Hair Types through Powerful AI Technology

Our unique AI solution evaluates hair type by analyzing its texture, thickness, and curl pattern. Capable of identifying up to 9 ranges from 10 distinct curl patterns and shapes, ranging from straight to extremely coily, it offers comprehensive information on various hair types. 

This revolutionizes the interaction between hair care brands and customers, providing precise insights into their hair characteristics.

*Our technology works to analyze hair extending below the ears.

Slight Wavy
Medium Wavy
Thick Wavy
Loose Curls
Medium Curls
Tight Curls
Kinky Soft
Extremely Coily

A Unique & Precise Hair Type Analysis Solution.

Our hair analysis solution leverages cutting-edge AI technology to ensure compatibility with any camera device, making it easy to use for everyone.


The platform empowers hair care brands to swiftly establish and provide precise & consistent results, along with personalized recommendations tailored to each customer's unique hair type.


Multi-Textures in One Person? No Problem with AI Detection!

AI accurately detects curl range for consumers with multiple hair textures. By examining different sections of hair, our AI Hair Type Analysis offers nuanced insights beyond mere categorizations of an individual's hair type. Covering a spectrum from wavy to coily and everything in between, our AI delivers comprehensive results.


Personalized Recommendations for Specific Hair Types

Our AI-powered hair analysis solution accurately identifies each customer's unique hair type across all channels, empowering hair care brands to deliver highly personalized recommendations. This ensures customers receive tailored suggestions for the best hair care products and routines suited to their individual needs.


Boost Your Hair Care Product Sales

By delivering highly-accurate and tailored recommendations that meet each customer's unique hair needs, you can boost sales and customer satisfaction, establishing your brand as a leader in the hair care industry.


Revolutionizing Hair Care with Omnichannel Support

The hair analysis solution comes equipped with omnichannel support, seamlessly integrating with all your existing systems and platforms through web modules and SDKs. This allows for simple implementation and provides a hassle-free and personalized experience for your customers.


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