Live 3D Face AR

Real-time AR facial detection technology powers realistic facial mapping for accurate makeup trials. Using more than 100 facial points the technology can easily detect wide angle facial profiles, dramatic facial movements, and changes in light. This technology allows for hyper-realistic virtual makeovers in real-time.
Looks & AR Filters
The 3D AR engine generates makeup effects that move with the muscles of your face regardless of the angle or expression. creating more accurate and realistic trials that match the experience of real products

Live Hair Color

Powered by AI and deep learning users can experience true-to-life 360° AR hair coloring in real-time, making testing new hair colors instant and effortless. The powerful AI engine uses deep learning algorithms to create a realistic color for user’s hair and the powerful AR engine applies photo-realistic hair color around the entire head.
3D Accessories
Now extending beyond just the face, 3D accessories become the next step in style simulation. Tapping into the powerful 3D face modeling engine allows for true-to-life trials of accessories including eyewear, hairbands, jewelry and more.
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