The AI skin analysis tool tests & analyzes users' skin and identifies 14 skin concerns to help customers find the skincare routine that fits their skin types. Integrate the skin analyzer & tester service on your brand website or app.

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The AI skin analysis tool tests & analyzes users' skin and identifies 14 skin concerns to help customers find the skincare routine that fits their skin types. Integrate the skin analyzer & tester service on your brand website or app.



Dark Circles



Droopy Lower Eyelid






Droopy Upper Eyelid



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What Does AI Skin Scanner Do?

An AI skin scanner utilizes skin analysis technology to scan faces and analyze users' skin, detecting 14 different skin concerns. It identifies skin types, conducts a skin age test, and determines skin ages. Moreover, it can serve as an acne scanner due to its ability to identify various acne concerns. Brands may also consider it as an AI face scanner for assessing skin conditions.

3 Easy Steps to Perform AI Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis FAQs

What does a skin analysis include?

The skin analysis detects 14 key skin concerns including spots, texture, dark circles, oiliness, acne, droopy lower eyelid, radiance, wrinkles, eye bags, moisture, redness, droopy upper eyelid, firmness, and pores with AI technology. Additionally, our skin analysis helps you find your unique skin type and skin age.

Is there a solution for Med Spas or aestheticians?

Skincare Pro is the best choice for an AI skin analysis service for medical spas and aesthetic beauticians. It's an entry-level, self-serve software with a user-friendly admin console that can easily enhance the customer journey.

What is Skin Analyser?

A skin analyser is often a machine or software that can scan and analyze a user's face, identifying skin concerns, and finally, providing personalized skincare routine recommendations.

How accurate are skin analysis machines?

Our AI skin analysis solution is highly accurate and verified with a 95% test-retest reliability rate.

What can I expect from skin analysis?

Our analysis includes a scope of detailed skin report, where all the skin concerns will be displayed as scores.

Additionally, we provide a skin age analysis, and based on the analysis, the AI tech can offer personalized skincare routine recommendations tailored to address the specific needs from the customers.

How can I integrate AI tech into my own website?

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What does skin analysis mean?

Skin analysis is the process of examining a person's skin to evaluate its condition, type, and specific issues. With the assistance of AI technology, this analysis aids in tailoring personalized skincare recommendations and treatments.

What is the best skin analysis system?

Perfect Corp.'s AI Skin Analysis offers a personalized skin assessment using advanced AI tech. It accurately evaluates skin concerns, making it an ideal choice for tailored skincare insights. Explore and compare the top six skin analysis machines.

What are the 8 types of skin?

There are eight primary skin types, each with its unique characteristics: normal, sensitive, dry, oily, dry sensitive, oily sensitive, combination and combination sensitive. Identifying your specific skin type is the first step toward tailoring a proper skincare routine. 

What is the best tool for analyzing the skin?

The best tool to analyze the skin is AI Skin Analyzer. Leveraging advanced AI technology, it swiftly identifies skin concerns within seconds and generates detailed reports based on the user's skin conditions.

How long does a skin analysis take?

A skin analysis with AI takes only seconds. Our AI-powered solution can scan a user's face in live camera mode or from a photo, instantly identifying and representing skin conditions.

How is AI used in dermatology?

One application of AI in dermatology involves the use of AI Skin Analyzers. It helps users identify skin concerns through photos or a live camera. This technology enables users to gain more insight into their skin conditions.

How does AI know your skin type?

The AI Skin Analyzer can help you identify your skin type by analyzing the T-zone and U-zone of your face, determining three dimensions—oiliness, dryness, and redness. This skin analysis helps identify if you have normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin.

What is a skin scanner?

A skin scanner is an innovative device designed to analyze the skin's condition and generate a comprehensive report tailored to the user's skin characteristics. 

How to check the age of your skin?

Perfect Corp.'s AI Skin Analysis technology enables users to assess skin age and identify skin concerns with just one simple scan. It accurately determines skin age based on various skin conditions.

What is the AI skin score?

The AI skin score, generated by the AI Skin Analyzer, serves as a comprehensive indicator of various skin conditions. It takes into account a range of factors analyzed by the skin technology, providing users with a detailed assessment of their skin's overall health and appearance.

How to check skin analysis?

Analyzing a user's skin involves three steps:

  • Step 1: Activate the Skin Analysis service by turning on the cameras on mobile devices.
  • Step 2: The AI Skin Analyzer detects the user's skin concerns and displays skin scores by analyzing the skin conditions.
  • Step 3: The AI Skin Analysis solution generates a skin report to help users understand their skin.
Device and Browser Compatibility
Devices and Browsers
Minimum Version
1. Acne detection does not support below devices: iPhone 8 and under.
v100 with iOS 15+
Android OS
1. Acne detection does not support below devices: Samsung galaxy note 9, Samsung s9+.
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