AR Ring Try On

Easily Create Your AR Ring or Engagement Ring Try Ons Experience. Perfect for Jewelry Brands and Online Stores

Web & App | Ring Sizer | Now Supports 3D Models and 2D Image Uploads

AR Ring Try-On In Action

Empower your customers to make confident ring and engagement ring choices in just 2 simple steps:

Elevate Your Jewelry Collection with AI-Powered Mix & Match

Take your jewelry collection to new heights with AI Ring, Bracelet, and Watch Stacking. Effortlessly showcase stunning combinations of ring, bracelet, and watch designs. 

NEW! Multiple AR Rings Try On

Our cutting-edge ring stacking technology is now available for experimentation with multi-finger ring displays. This enhancement optimizes operational efficiency for brands, providing a sophisticated and effortless avenue for promoting and selling ring sets.


Easily Create Variant SKUs from 3D Models

Effortlessly craft a versatile array of SKU styles for your rings, ring settings, and gemstones, featuring diamonds, gold, silver, rose gold, sapphire, or any gem, thereby streamlining the entirety of the SKU creation process.


Efficiently switch materials and customize colors to suit your preferences for ring settings. Explore the convenience of our built-in materials and textures for swift 3D preview. Elevate your online jewelry retail experience with our state-of-the-art technology, transforming the landscape of your offerings.



Create Ring Virtual Try-Ons 
from 3D Models or 2D Images

Create a compelling shopping flow with the hyper-realistic ring virtual try-on experiences. Our solution caters to the needs of jewelry brands of all sizes.



Virtual Ring Sizer - Solving Pain Points for Online Jewelry Sites

With just a few clicks, our advanced technology precisely determines precise finger measurements, provides detailed sizing information, and recommends ring sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your customers' rings. Elevate your jewelry buying experience with our accurate online ring sizer tool.




Physically Based Rendering (PBR) - Brilliance from Every Angle

The latest Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology ensures AR rings integrate seamlessly into the live image.



Deliver unparalleled experiences for your customers, and create a realistic look for various types of jewelry, including diamonds, yellow gold, white gold, and many others.


Virtual AR Ring Try On with One Click

Seamless Integration & Cross-Platform Support

Web: All major browsers

Mobile: Across iOS and Android devices.

Desktop: All major browsers including MacOS and Windows.


Access to Analytics and Understand Your Customers

AI-Powered AR Ring Technology is available in:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail.

Let's Build Your Success Story Together

Elevate your business with our AI Virtual Ring Try-On Solution. Contact us now for a tailored quote and embrace the future of engagement!

Virtual Ring Try On FAQ

What is the virtual ring sizer technology?

Virtual Ring Sizer technology is an innovative tool that accurately measures ring sizes through mobile devices, eliminating the need for traditional methods. By utilizing advanced algorithms and augmented reality, users can conveniently determine their ring size from the comfort of their homes. This technology enhances the online shopping experience for customers and reduces operational costs for jewelry brands.

How does augmented reality jewelry work?

Augmented reality jewelry works by leveraging AR technology to create virtual representations of jewelry pieces, which are superimposed onto the real world through a mobile device or computer screen. These virtual objects appear as if they are physically present in the user's environment, allowing them to interact with and visualize the jewelry in a realistic manner. By integrating augmented reality into the virtual shopping experience, users can try on different pieces of jewelry virtually, seeing how they look and fit before making a purchase decision. This technology serves as a bridge between the digital and real worlds, providing customers with a seamless and engaging way to explore and shop for jewelry online.

How do you use ring sizer online?

To use a ring sizer online, follow these steps:

Step 1: Place your finger on the mobile phone screen.
Step 2: Measure the width of each finger using the on-screen instructions or by capturing a photo of your hand for accurate sizing.

Try online ring sizer here.

What all categories of jewelry can be tried on?

Perfect Corp. offers augmented reality try-on capabilities for various categories of jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces. Users can virtually try on these items using their mobile devices or computers, allowing them to visualize how different pieces look and fit before making a purchase decision.

How is AR Changing the Jewelry Industry?

Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming the jewelry industry by enabling virtual try-ons, streamlining the shopping experience. This technology enhances customer confidence in purchasing decisions and empowers brands to innovate digitally.

How does augmented reality ring work?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows users to view and interact with digital rings overlaid on the real world through devices like smartphones. Detailed 3D models are created with realistic textures, reflections, and refractions. The app renders the ring in real-time, adjusting for lighting and allowing interactions like rotating or resizing. This enables a realistic visualization, making the ring appear truly present in the user’s environment, perfect for virtual try-ons in retail.

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