Virtual Try-On for Glasses

Hyper-realistic Virtual Try-On Experience for Online Shoppers

True-to-Life AR Virtual Try-On for Glasses

Allow your customers to try different glasses frames, lenses and tints on mobile and desktop browsers
AR Eyewear
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Fast & Easy Virtual Glasses Creation

Compose Virtual
Eyeglasses SKU
Only require 3 images to automatically create the virtual glasses SKU
Instant Live Preview
AR glasses editor allows brands to preview virtual glasses SKUs instantly
Easy SKU Publishing
Brand can manage virtual glasses SKU publishing to multiple channels via console

AI-Powered Personal Puppilary Distance Auto Detection

AI-powered technology automatically measures the distance between pupils, ensuring the best frame size for both digital and physical products.

Online shoppers can try digital 3D glasses and virtual sunglasses that perfectly fit their faces.

Fully Customizable for Enhanced Realism and Aesthetics

The hyper-realistic virtual eyeglasses try-on experience is fully customizable, featuring a wide range of adjustable product attributes :
Frame color
Frame size
Frame reflection
Lens tint & density
Lens reflection

One Glasses Virtual Try-On Solution Works on Multiple Channels

Virtual Glasses for E-commerce

Highly flexible solution, with both web and mobile app support, supercharging brands' omnichannel strategies and allowing anyone to try glasses on virtually.

Seamless support across iOS and Android devices, as well all major browsers on MacOS and Windows platforms.

Easy interation into your try on glasses app, website or ecommerce platform.

In-Store 3D AR Glasses Try-On Solution

Turnkey in-store virtual eyeglasses solution allows shoppers to try products on in real time using an in-store smart mirror.

Eyewear brands can connect with consumers in an entirely new way, build brand loyalty, and increase sales.

AR Glasses Try-On is Available In:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail.

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