AI Face Analyzer:
Facial Attributes & Shades

Ultra-personalized face analysis and product recommendations based on each customer’s unique facial features and color palette.

What is AI Face Analyzer?

Powered by AI deep learning technology, AI Face Analyzer is an ultra-personalization engine that provides highly accurate face analysis and product recommendations based on one's unique features and shades.

Who is AI Face Analyzer for?

AI Face Analyzer is designed for beauty & fashion brands who strive to provide personalized product recommendation and offer the ultimate direct-to-consumer shopping experience.

Extraordinary Face Analysis and Shade Detection using AI

AI Face Analyzer elevates the consumer journey through ultra personalization in the following ways:
A better understanding of your online shoppers, their facial traits and personal color palettes. The use of traditional surveys is no longer necessary.
Instant and accurate detection of 70+ facial traits and 5 types of personal color palettes.
Face analysis offers ultra-personalized product recommendations to create a better direct-to-consumer shopping experience, increase customer satisfaction and drive sales conversions in real time.
Integrate into your online shopping experience with ease. The personalized recommendation engine works for a wide range of product categories, including makeup, eyewear, jewelry and more!
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Cutting-Edge Face Analysis

The AI engine was trained using 100,000 faces across different genders & ethnic backgrounds, and is capable of accurately detecting 70+ types of facial traits & all possible color palettes.

Face Attributes:
Face shape, Eye shape, Eyebrow shape, Lip shape, Nose shape, and Cheekbone shape.

Personal Color Palettes:
Skin tone, Eye color, Eyebrow color, Lip Color, and Hair color.

Powerful AI Delivers Unique Recommendations to Individual Shoppers

Ultra-intelligent AI technology offers a highly personalized shopping experience to every shopper by understanding what’s suitable for them based on their facial features.

The advanced AI face analysis technology delivers one-of-a-kind product recommendations to take your online shopping experience to the next level.

24/7 Personalized Smart Shopping Assistant

Combining AI Face Analyzer and AR makeup try-on technology results in the smartest online digital shopping assistant that helps your customers buy products suited just for them.

Accurate recommendations create more possibilities for providing advanced personalized user experience which can also drive sales conversion coupled with increased customer satisfaction.

Build the Ultimate Direct-to-Consumer Shopping Experience with AI Face Analyzer in 3 Easy Steps

AI face analysis detects user’s individual facial attributes, as well as hair color, eye color, lip shape and more, helping brands to understand shoppers better.
Combine product expertise and AI algorithms to make unique product recommendations based on user’s unique facial traits and personal color palettes.
Shoppers can virtually try on suitable products. Use the power of AI to drive better sales conversion with ultra personalized recommendations.

Al Face & Personal Color Analyzer is Available In:

Further enhance your omnichannel customer journey across e-commerce, mobile app, and in-store retail.

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