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How AI Skin Tech Can Provide Customers with Personalized Skin Cycling Regimens
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How AI Skin Tech Can Provide Customers with Personalized Skin Cycling Regimens

Jan 13, 2023 · 3 minutes read
How AI Skin Tech Can Provide Customers with Personalized Skin Cycling Regimens

Skin Cycling, a term coined by skin care and medical professionals, exploded in popularity on TikTok last year. As skin cycling gained traction with the Z generation, many people began adopting skin cycling techniques and practices in their skin care routines. Skin Cycling is best described as a skin care regiment focused on applying certain products and active ingredients on certain days rather than applying all products on a daily basis.

This article explores what skin cycling is and how current AI technologies can help skin care brands and MedSpas provide customers with personalized skin cycling regimens. Read on to discover more!

What is Skin Cycling?

The brand-new term skin cycling was coined by Whitney Bowe, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City.  Skin cycling has since become a highly sought-after skin care practice that is dominating social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The hashtag #skincycling has gained immense popularity on TikTok, amassing 3.5 billion views - and for good reason, too. Far from being a passing trend or gimmick on social media, skin cycling is a highly effective skincare routine endorsed by numerous dermatologists and skin professionals.

How Does Skin Cycling Work?

Debra Wattenberg, MD - a board-certified dermatologist situated in New York City - explains that Skin Cycling is an expression used to explain the order in which skincare products are applied onto our skin. 

Timing skin cycling to a four-day cycle is recommended for optimal skin health.

How Does Skin Cycling Work

On the first night, exfoliating skin with products containing AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs helps remove skin impurities.

The second night consists of applying Retinoid for further exfoliating benefits.

For the third and fourth nights it is best to use skin-repairing products in order to ensure that skin is kept moist and hydrated throughout the process. Carefully following this skin cycling regimen can help keep skin looking its best.

Wattenberg asserts that the idea behind skin cycling is to grant your skin periods of rest throughout the week, thus preventing over-exfoliation and irritation

What Do Consumers Think of Skin Cycling?

As skin cycling gains popularity among consumers, it is garnering positive feedback. CNN underscored produced an article to further dissect this new trend, validating its potential as an effective skin care practice. As skin cycling continues to gain recognition from both media sources and consumers alike, skincare brands can consider offering skin cycling advice to customers. 

The benefits of skin cycling to customers.

There are many benefits to skin cycling. First, skin cycling ensures that several different products are being used to target various skin concerns in order to promote optimal skin health. This helps customers identify the best possible mixture and usage of products for their skin. 

Secondly, it encourages people to consider a holistic approach to their skincare, with the understanding that different products may work better when used at certain times and frequencies.  

It also prevents the skin from developing sensitivities and becoming irritated due to the overuse of one particular product. By strategically cycling through various skincare products, consumers can keep their skin healthy and hydrated all year round!

The Secret to Providing Personalized Skin Cycling Product Recommendations 

Advanced Customer Experience with AI

Combining AI skin analysis with the skin cycling trend in a marketing strategy can provide customers with a personalized approach to skin care that meets their individual needs. 

With AI technology, customers no longer need to waste time blindly selecting skincare products.

With AI tech, they now have the opportunity to quickly identify their skin type and receive a personalized product regimen. With AI skin tech, consumers are able to scan their skin from their computer or laptop device and receive a thorough skin analysis.

AI skin technology, such as Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic, is able to provide consumers with an overall skin health score and identify areas of 14 unique skin concerns.

Personalized skin care regimen.

With this level of personalized analysis, brands can provide consumers with a hyper-personalized skin cycling regimen. They are able to recommend products for each step of the skin cycling process from exfoliation to moisturizer, and due to AI analysis, can recommend products while keeping each customer’s unique skin concerns in mind.  

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Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis

Perfect Corp's AI skin analysis is an advanced software solution that analyzes skin in seconds to identify up to 14 major skin concerns including acne, moisture, blemishes, wrinkles, and more.

The benefits of AI skin analysis solution brings for brands.

The technology has helped many skin care brands increase customer engagement and sales conversion by providing customers with skincare product recommendations tailored to their unique skin needs.

As consumer skin care trends such as skin cycling become more prominent, it is more important than ever before that skincare brands and MedSpas offer dynamic tools such as AI skin tech. These solutions allow brands to provide every customer with a personalized skin care regimen to promote optimal skin health. 

By taking advantage of AI skin analysis technology and leveraging this innovation in conjunction with the concept of “skin cycling”, skincare businesses can create engaging shopping and consultation experiences that meet individual customers' needs. In this way, AI Skin tech helps brands drive sales more efficiently and gain loyal customers who trust their brand.

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