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How i-ON Skincare Uses AI Skin Tech to Help Customers Improve Skin Age
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How i-ON Skincare Uses AI Skin Tech to Help Customers Improve Skin Age

Jun 7, 2023 · 3 minutes read
How i-ON Skincare Uses AI Skin Tech to Help Customers Improve Skin Age

The Science of Skin and Face Aging:

There are a variety of factors that can improve a person’s biological skin age. A person's biological skin age can be impacted by lifestyle habits, such as sleep, exercise and nutrition habits, as well as sun exposure.

When it comes to improving skin age and skin health,  advanced skincare products are some of the most impactful tools. For this reason, consumers can reap major benefits from personalized skin consultations that identify core skin concerns and recommend products to address those needs.

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Anti-Aging Skincare Products

i-On Skincare is an innovative brand that focuses on helping consumers reduce the appearance of skin aging. The brand’s age-disrupting skincare products feature patented DII technology and are clinically proven to improve the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and dark circles.

i-On Skincare’s range of products also provide a unique benefit. The brand’s collection of products help remove excess iron from the surface of the skin. This benefit works to improve the appearance of the skin as iron is a major contributing factor of skin aging. When the iron present in skin interacts with sunlight and environmental factors, it creates the free radicals that are one of the primary cause of the visible skin aging.  i-On Skincare’s products work to reduce the iron and inhibit free radicals, all while nourishing and repairing the skin with moisturizing ingredients.

i-On Skincare partnered with Perfect Corp. to launch an engaging skin diagnostic tool.

With the goal of helping customers understand their skin age and skin health, i-On Skincare partnered with Perfect Corp. to launch an engaging skin diagnostic tool powered by AI technology. This AI experience provides i-On customers with a thorough skin analysis, offering each user a personalized skincare product recommendation tailored to their specific skin concerns and needs. 

Creating an Innovative AI Skin Tech Experience to Measure Skin Aging

i-On Skincare sought to provide customers with the knowledge and products to improve their skin health and skin aging. The challenge was finding a solution that would both engage and educate their customers in an exciting way. i-On Skincare knew that providing customers with new technology that could help identify skin concerns and improve skin health was a natural fit for their brand ethos.

Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AI Skin Diagnostic technology proved to be the most advanced and seamless technology available on the market. The technology offers users a comprehensive skin analysis and can be accessed in seconds from a smartphone or laptop. Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology has the ability to scan and detect 14 major skin concerns, providing customers with a detailed skin consultation and providing brands with the information needed to recommend the best skincare product regimen. 

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▼The AI skin tech can detect up to 14 skin concerns and recommend the best skincare regimen.

Helping Customers Assess Skin Age in Seconds: 

i-On Skincare’s AI Skin Diagnostic experience provides visitors to the brand’s website with a thorough understanding of their skin age and health. The experience provides users with ratings on 4 key skin features- texture, wrinkles, under eye circles, and spots.

i-ON Skincare Helps Customers Assess Skin Age in Seconds

Once the skin assessment is done, users are able to see their skin score for these 4 concerns, as well as their estimated skin age and an overall score for skin health. Based on the AI skin assessment, the tool then generates product recommendations for each user based on the ratings, providing each customer with a personalized experience and knowledge on how best to care for their skin. 

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Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic technology is transforming the customer experience for brands throughout the beauty and dermatology industries. To learn more about AI SKin Diagnostic solution, click here to schedule a call with our sales team.

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