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New Medical Aesthetic Equipment in 2024: AI Skin Analyzer
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New Medical Aesthetic Equipment in 2024: AI Skin Analyzer

Nov 1, 2022 · 3 minutes read
New Medical Aesthetic Equipment in 2023: AI Skin Analyzer

Professionals in dermatology and aesthetic dermatology use different devices to perform a complete facial evaluation.

Normally, these are:

  • The VISIA machine
  • An intelligent skin analyzer
  • Digital skin analyzer
  • Facial skin detector
  • Moisture analyzer

In short, there is a wide variety of skin analysis equipment and they are all physical aesthetic devices. Now imagine being able to create the same results of a skin analysis for your clients, virtually.

The alternative of skin analyze machine - AI skin analyzer

This can be incorporated into your e-commerce site, website, app or other platforms. It not only provides more accurate skin assessment, but is also more convenient for your clients or patients.

What Is Medical Aesthetic Dermatology?

Aesthetic medicine offers an array of services to help improve the aesthetic appearance of patients. Medical aesthetics includes treatments such as injectables, laser treatments, and aesthetic skin care regimens - all aimed at improving skin texture, sun damage, wrinkles, acne, and other common aesthetic concerns. With a focus on delivering natural-looking results that enhance each patient's individual beauty and amenities within their desired budget, aesthetic medical professionals are providing high-value service for those looking to achieve more beautiful aesthetic health.

Medical Aesthetic

Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology is a field of medicine that focuses on the use of medical technology to diagnose, treat and improve skin conditions. This includes the use of aesthetic devices, which can provide accurate and detailed skin diagnoses, allowing personalized treatments for each patient.

Learn more about the Skin Analyzer here

Some of the common treatments that advanced Aesthetic Dermatology uses are lasers, pulsed light and other non-invasive treatments to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce the signs of aging. Dermatologists can also recommend skincare products for optimal results. With all these advantages, advanced aesthetic dermatology is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to take better care of their skin.

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Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology and Advanced Skin Analyzer

An advanced skin analyzer is an invaluable tool for aesthetic medicine. By providing a comprehensive and detailed approach to diagnostics, aesthetic treatments can be tailored to each individual and provide the best possible aesthetic outcome.

This level of accuracy allows aesthetic clinicians to diagnose quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing time spent on treatment procedures. Additionally, skin analysis can prevent over-treatment or under-treatment, avoiding unnecessary procedures as well as potential health risks that could occur from using the wrong medications.

This technology offers clear insights into common aesthetic concerns including wrinkles, discoloration, skin sensitivity and enlarged pores. As aesthetic medicine continues to evolve with advances in technology, an advanced skin analyzer is essential to maximize results and achieve the highest quality cosmetic outcomes.

How to Choose Between the Virtual Skin Analyzer and the Skin Analyzer Machine?

With aesthetic medicine advancing by leaps and bounds, the demand for skin analyzers has surged. Traditionally, physical skin assessment was used to diagnose any skin issues; however, recently two new methods that are faster and more accurate have emerged - the skin analyzer machine and virtual skin analyzer.

Despite fierce debate regarding their accuracy, recent medical journals suggest that both machines provide similar results with high accuracy that matches those from physical skin assessment.


When considering which machine to purchase, commonly looked-at factors include the number of items able to be analyzed as well as how long it takes to complete the analysis.

Full comparisons: 

4 Top Skin Analysis Machines and AI Skin Analyzers

The Capabilities of the Virtual Skin Analyzer

The skin analyzer for facial analysis performs a complete skin diagnosis with detection of up to 14 skin concerns to assess the degree of aging and determine the factors that contribute to skin deterioration.

  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Moisture
  • Redness
  • Oiliness
  • Acne
  • Texture
  • Dark Circles
  • Eye bags
  • Skin Firmness
  • Droopy Upper Eyelids
  • Droopy Lower Eyelids
  • Radiance
  • Visible Pores

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How the Virtual Skin Analyzer Integrates into Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Before performing some of these facial treatments, aesthetic professionals or dermatologists perform the Skin Analysis to better understand the health of their patients' skin.

Photorejuvenation (IPL) Treatments:

Photorejuvenation (IPL) Treatments or Intense Pulsed Light is a non-invasive treatment used to improve the appearance of the skin. Photorejuvenation (IPL) Treatments is a technique used in Aesthetic Dermatology that employs light-based therapy to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. It works by using a specific wavelength of light to treat pigmented areas of the skin, such as age spots and sun damage.

Example of virtual skin analyzer detection: wrinkles and fine lines.

With intense pulsed light treatments, a skin analyzer can be used to measure various aspects of the skin, helping clinicians determine the exact amount of pulse energy that should be used for any given patient. By evaluating the skin's tone, texture and other issues in advance, clinicians can reduce risk factors associated with the procedure.

AI Skin Analyzer


Body facials are treatments used in Aesthetic Dermatology to improve the appearance and health of the skin. Body facials may include deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, application of masks and other treatments according to the individual needs of each patient. The goal is to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin while treating problems such as discoloration or sun damage. With regular body facials, the skin will look brighter, healthier and younger.

Example of a virtual skin analyzer that detects hydration and blemishes.

It can measure wrinkles, acne, moisture levels in a client's skin quickly and accurately so aesthetic doctors can effectively assess a variety of body facial treatments that will best address their individual needs.


Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation technique used in Aesthetic Dermatology. It involves using an exfoliating device to remove dead and dull cells from the surface of the face and body. This helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, sun damage and other skin imperfections. The result is smoother, healthier skin with more even tone and texture. Microdermabrasion can also be used to stimulate collagen production for firmer, tighter skin.

Example of the virtual facial analyzer detecting acne, blemishes and spots.

The result of the virtual facial analyzer will allow specialists to focus more on the areas that clients or patients need.

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More Benefits of Incorporating the AI Skin Analyzer in Medical Aesthetic Treatments

  • Accurate and detailed skin diagnostics
  • Personalized treatments for each patient
  • Early detection of aging, spots, acne, etc.

Looking to enhance your aesthetic medicine treatments? At our company, we specialize in integrating virtual skin analyzer technology into your aesthetic regimens. With this advanced capability, you are now better equipped than ever before to achieve the highest standards of aesthetic results. We believe in providing our customers with the best services possible and that's why we are offering a free consultation along with a tailored price plan - contact us today to learn more!

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