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Medical Study Confirms High Accuracy of AI Skin Tech for Dermatology

Sep 27, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Medical Study Confirms High Accuracy of AI Skin Tech for Dermatology

AI Skin Diagnostic: Game-Changing Innovation for Identifying Skin Concerns

Since Perfect Corp. introduced its cutting-edge AI Skin Diagnostic technology several years ago, the solution has transformed the skincare marketing space. Skincare brands across the world have leveraged the technology to personalize the skincare shopping experience for consumers. 

▼The AI Skin Diagnostic Technology

With this technology, a quick scan of the consumer’s face via a smartphone camera delivers a thorough skin analysis, identifying core skin concerns and allowing brands to provide each customer with a personalized skincare product regimen. It comes as no surprise that the technology has helped many brands increase digital engagement metrics such as time spent on site, while ultimately boosting sales. 

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The AI Skin technology allows brands to build meaningful connections with consumers by providing customers with quick and precise skin consultations. The technology has allowed brands to deliver a level of personalization in skincare retail that was once only possible through an in person consultation. It has solved a major consumer pain point in the skincare shopping experience: helping consumers understand their skin concerns and providing a prescriptive product regimen to keep skin vibrant and beautiful.

Perfect Corp's AI Skin Analysis Technology identifies skin problems and provides product recommendations.Contact Perfect Corp.

Dermatology and Medical Spa

With such major success seen in the beauty and skincare marketing space, the technology holds potential for use in other industries, namely dermatology and medical spa settings, where providers and patients are in need of quick, easy and efficient skin analysis. Whether a patient is struggling with skin redness, dryness, wrinkles, dark circles, or another skin issue, this technology can help identify patient skin concerns in a matter of seconds while helping providers recommend the most effective treatment plan to address those concerns.

Medical Study Confirms High Accuracy of Perfect Corp. AI Skin Technology for Dermatology Practice 

Now, a new report by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine has confirmed the effectiveness of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology in evaluating skin characteristics in dermatology practice and medical spa settings

Dr. Feldman

Read on to learn more about the major findings of the report, and how Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology can help dermatologists transform their patient experience. 

Perfect Corp. AI Skin Tech Guarantees High Test-Retest Reliability in Clinical Setting:

The report, published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment, confirms that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology achieves excellent test-retest reliability (ICC > 0.90) assessed with the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and Cronbach’s alpha measure of internal consistency.

The study observed the results of the software when analyzing patients with a variety of skin tones, skin types, ages, and genders, as well as skin in various lighting conditions and backgrounds. The results were highly consistent and accurate, identifying the same key skin concerns with each scan.

Perfect Corp. AI Skin Tech Guarantees High Test-Retest Reliability in Clinical SettingContact Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. AI Skin Tech Confirmed to Have High Correlation with Physician Skin Assessments

Skin assessments obtained using Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic technology were highly correlated with assessments done by physicians, indicating the reliability and precision of the software in accurately identifying patient skin concerns. 

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Perfect Corp. AI Skin Tech Confirmed to Have High Correlation with Computerized Skin Analysis Devices

The report also analyzed the results of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis technology when compared to the standard imaging and photo device that is widely used for skin analysis in the dermatology industry.

The study confirmed a positive correlation between the skin analysis results of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology and the imaging hardware device for every skin concern measured. This insight confirms that Perfect Corp.’s AI software is as effective as commonly-used hardware and imaging devices when identifying patient skin concerns in dermatology and medical spa settings.

Perfect Corp. AI Skin Tech Confirmed to Have High Correlation with Computerized Skin Analysis DevicesContact Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Software is a Seamless, Modern and Cost Effective Solution for the Dermatology Industry

While imaging booth devices are considered a standard for skin analysis in clinical dermatology settings, they often consist of large hardware devices that require special, time consuming, costly equipment to operate.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software is a cost-effective alternative that can be easily integrated across various devices and platforms. With this solution, patients can easily and comfortably receive a skin analysis from an iphone or tablet, with no need for large equipment. This ensures a seamless, modern skin analysis experience that improves patient experience in clinical settings.

High Speed Skin Analysis

The report also reveals that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Software delivered skin analysis results 20x faster than the standard imaging booth device that is typically used in dermatologist’s offices.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology guarantees that patients receive precise skin analysis results instantly. With this technology, providers can provide patients with an in-depth analysis and treatment recommendations quickly and easily. 

To read the report and learn more about the study, click here.

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