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Skin Ageing & Challenges Conference 2022: The Power of AI Skin Tech
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Skin Ageing & Challenges Conference 2022: The Power of AI Skin Tech

Nov 26, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Skin Ageing & Challenges Conference 2022: The Power of AI Skin Tech

This November we had the pleasure to take part in the 13th annual meeting on Skin Ageing & Challenges in Lisbon, Portugal, organized by the International Society of Microbiota. Our very own Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Vice President Louis Chen flew in to share the latest advancements in AI Skin technology, including AI Skin Analysis and AI Skin Emulation, with the amazed audience. Thank you to everyone who was in attendance! It was our pleasure to share our solutions with you.    

Skin Ageing & Challenges Conference 2022

Ageing is a global issue with social, economic, and personal implications. Preventing aging-related diseases, and decreasing its impact are some of the major challenges that humanity is facing today. Thus, better understanding of skin issues will allow us to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. During the Skin Challenges 2022 conference, the Scientific Committee and speakers discussed the latest advances in skin homeostasis, as well as vision and trends in skin aging.     

Perfect Corp.’s CSO & EVP Louis Chen was invited as a major speaker to the conference. During the session “Unlocking the Power of AI Skin Tech in the Dermatology Industry” he touched upon the common challenges in obtaining a better understanding of personal skin condition. He also explained in detail how AI technology can solve this pain point effectively. Please see the summary of his speech below.

Perfect Corp.’s CSO & EVP Louis Chen

 The Challenges Faced by Skin-Conscious Consumers     

We as consumers are becoming increasingly self-aware, and are investing more effort in improving our well-being across all aspects of our lives. Having healthy and radiant skin has become very important. It all starts with understanding our skin better. This, however, usually takes time, and tends to be expensive as frequent visits to a dermatologist’s office are required. That is where artificial intelligence comes in. With major milestones reached in the beauty and skincare marketing spaces, the technology unlocks new possibilities for dermatology and medical spa businesses, where providers and patients can do an efficient and fast virtual skin analysis via a smartphone or tablet. Whether patients are struggling with redness, oiliness, or wrinkles, for example, they need access to quick and precise skin assessment tools in order to identify the best treatment.    

Using AI Technology for Skin Analysis    

An AI Skin Analysis is an advanced virtual skin analysis tool that is able to analyze the users' skin in only two seconds. The algorithm can detect up to 14 skin concerns, and skin age. Moisture Levels, Spots, Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Oiliness, Texture, Redness, Acne, Eyebags, Skin Firmness, Droopy Upper Eyelid, Droopy Lower Eyelid, Radiance, and Visible Pores can be analyzed by scanning a patient’s face via a smartphone camera. The virtual analysis is built by using over 70,000 medical-grade images. This allows for an instantaneous and very precise skin assessment. The results are quantified as skin scores for each of the concerns, making the readout easy and intuitive to understand. The handling of the AI Skin Analysis is really simple and does not require any special hardware. It leverages the consumer’s personal smart device, and turns it into a capable skin analysis tool using a combination of software technologies, including image processing, visual computing, AI machine learning, and augmented reality.    

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New Breakthrough in Using Live Camera Technology  for Live Skin Analysis    

Since Perfect Corp. introduced its cutting-edge AI Skin Diagnostic technology several years ago, the solution has transformed the skincare marketing space. Skincare brands across the world have leveraged the technology to personalize the skincare shopping experience for consumers. The recent advancements include skin analysis in live camera mode, identifying issues within the skin in real time, and overlaying these concerns on the live image of the user’s face.  The real-time skin analysis technology is launching with support of up to 5 skin concerns; spots, wrinkles, redness, texture, and dark circles, with support of more concerns coming soon. The new skin analysis tool comes with cutting-edge features and advanced engineering innovations. The entire experience has been optimized end-to-end with speed, accuracy, and user-flow in mind. The solution offers real-time skin analysis with 15° side angle support, scanning the user’s face from both a frontal and profile view - allowing the user to move their head freely throughout the process. Smart periodic scanning and performance scaling ensures the smoothest experience, adapting to each device’s capabilities.     

Perfect Corp's Makeup Mirror for Live Skin Analysis.

New Study Confirms That AI Skin Tech Results Align with Physician Skin Assessments 

In a recent medical study by Dr. Steven Feldman,  Professor of Dermatology at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, it was determined that the AI skin diagnostic technology by Perfect Corp.  highly correlates with the physician skin assessment.     In summary, the study has pointed out the following findings:  

  • Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Tech Guarantees High Test-Retest Reliability in Clinical Setting: The report confirms that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology has achieved excellent test-retest reliability (ICC > 0.90) assessed with the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and Cronbach’s alpha measure of internal consistency.  
  • Perfect Corp.‘s AI Skin Tech Confirmed to Have High Correlation with Physician Skin Assessments: The study confirmed that the skin assessments obtained using Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software were highly correlated with assessments done by physicians.  Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Tech Confirmed to Have High Correlation with Computerized Skin Analysis Devices: The study confirmed a high correlation between the results of the two solutions for every skin concern measured.  
  • Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Software is a Seamless, Modern and Cost Effective Solution for the Dermatology Industry: Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software is a cost-effective alternative to physician skin assessments that can be easily integrated across various devices and platforms.  
  • High Speed Skin Analysis: Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software was able to deliver results 20x faster than the Clinical Imaging System, providing precise skin analysis instantly.     

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High Match Rate Between Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic and Dermatologists' Assessment   

When comparing Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Tech with Physician Assessment, 8 out of 14 concerns (57%) has achieved high match rate with physician’s assessment. Other 6 out of 14 concerns (43%) in mid match rate and 0 concern is in low match rate. The Wrinkles, Redness, Eye bag and Skin firmness even achieved more than 80% match rate with physician.  In Dr. Steven R. Feldman's words – “The high agreement might make the facial analysis system a practical tool for following patients treated with medications or lasers”.       


Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin solution is a highly accurate, cost-effective, reliable, and ultra-fast solution. It is easy to use via a smartphone camera. It achieves consistent and reliable results in variable lighting and backgrounds, as well as across all skin tones, ages, and genders. Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin solution achieves results on a par with hardware solutions like VISIA.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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