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How to Easily Customize Skincare Routine with AI Technology
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How to Easily Customize Skincare Routine with AI Technology

Aug 5, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Easily Customize Skincare Routine with AI Technology

Earlier In 2020, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development found that global online purchases for cosmetics and personal care rose by 6%, compared to 2019 (UNCTAD). The demand is increasing, but the foundation of personalized skincare is data collection. Brands need to collect useful data from their customers to understand each consumer’s personal tastes and preferences.

▲The foundation of personalized skincare is data collection

But with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, brands are able to better and easily analyze customers, know what they want, and deliver a unique experience. Learn more how AI tech customizes skincare shopping experience and enhances engagement to build strong connections between brands and customers.

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  1. Neutrogena: Digital App 

How Does AI Customize Skincare Recommendations?

AI customized products for the customers by the following steps:

  1. AI analyzes the user's skin
  2. With the data of the unique skin conditions, AI then is able to recommend products.
  3. AI tech is also able to emulate the skin conditions after applying the products.
  4. Customers add in shopping carts.

Read more about how it works in e-commerce channels.

AI analyzes the user's skin

The AI skin analyzer can be integrated in all the major web browsers, apps or other channels. By only enabling the camera from a mobile device, the user's able to start the analyzing procedures.

Experience the AI Skin Analyzer Here

The analyzing results will be shown in scores, and the score is combined to calculate the user's estimated skin age. The current skin analyzer is able to detect 14 skin concerns including moisture, spots, wrinkles, texture, oiliness, redness, eyebag, dark circles, droopy upper eyelid, firmess, radiance, pores. 

The highly-advanced technology is also able to differentiate the skin stages in their lifecycle, and highlights the results through an interactive AR overlay.

Recommend Products

Based on the user's unique skin evaluation results, the AI skin analyzer is able to recommend the suitable skincare products. For example, customized acne treatment.

Learn how your brand can provide customized skincare recommendations.

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Emulate the Skin Conditions

With the recommended products, the AI technology is also able to display how skin improves gradually, directly on a user's face.

Customers Add in Shopping Carts.

Once the customer finds the perfect customized skincare products, they can add them to the shopping cart and purchase directly. The skin analyzer can be integrated into web pages, apps and other channels. The customers will be able to experience a seamless and engaging customized skincare shopping experience. 

As consumer demand grows, trailblazing beauty brands continue to find new ways to communicate with and tailor shopping experiences to meet the needs of their audiences. 

Learn more how to integrate a personalized skincare service for your brand

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How Beauty Brand Provides Personalized Skincare Regimens

Neutrogena: Digital App 

As demand for personalized skincare recommendations continues to rise, Neutrogena is catering to the needs of its customers with the launch of the new Neutrogena Skin360™app.

The app’s skin score tool, powered by Perfect Corp. AR and AI technology, is able to identify 2,000-plus facial attributes and give users a detailed skin score for some of the most common skin conditions. 

From dark circles and wrinkles to fine lines and dark spots, the app identifies each user’s most prominent skin concerns and provides personalized product suggestions and skincare regimens based on their results.

<br>▲  Neutrogena Skin360 App, powered by Perfect Corp.'s AI Skincare Technology.

“We think this gives our consumers a wonderful opportunity that in an everyday purchase event, they will have an opportunity to have a personalized regimed created for them,” says Logan McGill, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, Head of Neutrogena® Skin Tech Innovation. “This helps with knowing what products are right for them, and it brings the expert to every part of the funnel. ” 

Increased Sales Conversion Rate & Basket Size

The power of the personalized skincare experience is simple: the more customized the product recommendations are, the more likely customers are to stick with a routine.

Through this technology, Neutrogena has seen increased conversion rates and basket size, and has truly brought the latest in skin science to its loyal — and emerging — customers. 

Get a Free Demo for Personallized Shopping Experience

Frequently Asked Questions for Personalized Skincare Service

1. Why is personal shopping important?

As consumer demand grows, beauty brands keep finding new ways to tailor shopping experiences to meet the needs of their audiences, to not only provide a better shopping experience, but ultimately drive more sales.

Take the famous brand Neutrogena for example, the brand implemented AR-powered beauty tech solutions to boost their personalized skincare shopping offerings to guests, and successfully drive sales and engagement with their website.

2. What is Personalized Skincare?

Personalized skincare means understanding the customer's unique skin conditions, which allows skincare brands to tailor their skincare product offering and provide customers with what they need and truly want. 

Ready to Build A Personalized Skincare Experience Into Your Online Store?

Contact us for more information about integrating AR solutions into your online beauty store shopping experience. Better yet, request a free demo to see how our solutions can benefit your business.

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