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Brands Can Now Enable Online Shoppers to Virtually Try On Nail Color

Nov 26, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Brands Can Now Enable Online Shoppers to Virtually Try On Nail Color

Many beauty lovers would agree that finding that perfect nail polish shade is no easy feat. Hence, nail polish brands face a unique challenge, as customers can’t try colors before buying, often leading to disappointment when the product arrives. But now, Perfect Corp. has a solution to improve customer satisfaction and minimize returns when it comes to nail polish products. The brand-new beauty tech solution is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered augmented reality (AR) virtual try-on for nails that provides a live virtual preview of a wide array of nail polish colors and designs directly on a consumer’s hand. This article offers a comprehensive overview of the new solution and explores the benefits it will bring to beauty brands.

AR Virtual Try-on for Nails: Real-Time Virtual Manicure

Perfect Corp.’s virtual nail color try-on helps customers bring their manicure to life, all without the need to physically apply polish. Brands can use it to supercharge the nail polish shopping experience so customers feel confident and assured that the product they’re choosing is right for them.

The tool is intuitive and uses advanced AI to determine the size and shape of the customer’s nails. Then, using AR, it displays a real-time preview of what that polish shade would look like on the nails.

Another key feature of the virtual try-on for nails is that the product is fully customizable. Customers can try out unlimited nail polish colors and combinations — limited only by the size of the brand’s product SKU assortment. They can also sample various finishes and textures, including:

  • Cream
  • Jelly
  • Sheer
  • Matte


Nail Colorscontact us

Another important feature of the AI-powered AR virtual try-on for nails solution is its omnichannel capabilities. Brands can utilize the technology directly on their website or as an interactive feature on their brand app. They can even implement it in-store to help customers test colors without wasting product, thus enhancing retail experience and helping to increase purchasing confidence.

Overall, this trailblazing virtual manicure tool is an eco-friendly and easy alternative to the traditional nail polish try-on process. With this technology, there are no messy repetitive applications and removals, and rather than waiting for coat after coat to dry, customers can see a real-time preview of the color on their hands.

A Challenging Journey to Finding the Right Nail Color

Over 100 million people use nail polish products in the United States (Statista), yet picking the right shade can often be a challenging process. The proper shade depends on the occasion, mood, outfit, skin tone, season, and many other factors.

To know for sure if a shade is the right look, most people want to try it out first and see how the color would look on their hands before painting their nails. Traditionally, this process hasn’t been easy.

In a store, customers can’t just open a bottle and do a quick swatch. They need to purchase the product if they open it, and they may find they dislike the color after applying it to their nails. While physical stores sometimes have nail swatch sticks for previewing colors, these aren’t always reliable, as the color may look different when applied to a real nail.

Shopping for nail polish online is even more complicated. Up until now, customers have only been able to reference product photos and videos to make their decision. In these cases, they have to use their best judgment and hope the product meets their expectations.

These challenges led Perfect Corp. to develop its innovative AI-powered virtual try-on for nails, simplifying the nail polish shopping experience and helping customers find their perfect shade.

New Way to Shop for Nail Art and Nail Polish

When it comes to beauty products, trying before buying is crucial and nail products are no exception. Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered virtual try-on for nails elevates and simplifies the consumer shopping experience online and in-store. Customers will now have the chance to try before they buy, which has been a major pain point in the nail polish shopping journey.

Nail virtual try on increases sales and customer engagement .contact us

It should come as no surprise that virtual try-on has been proven to drive sales and engagement for many top beauty brands. When using Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR try-on technologies, MAC Cosmetics saw a 200% increase in customer engagement in the first month. The results were similar for e.l.f., who enjoyed a 200% higher conversion rate after adopting virtual try-on. It’s likely that nail polish brands adopting virtual nail polish could see comparable increases in their sales.

At the end of the day, consumers want fun, easy, personalized beauty experiences, and AI virtual try-on for nails delivers just that. Now, seeing how a specific manicure will look before committing to a shade is no longer a distant dream. What’s more, with the ability to try on multiple colors and see hyper-realistic results, customers will often purchase even more products and shades. This is a game-changer for nail brands when it comes to increasing sales and customer engagement.

Give Your Customers the Optimal Experience With Virtual Nail Color Try-on

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