8 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Beauty and Fashion | Perfect Corp
AI/AR Makeup

8 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Beauty and Fashion | Perfect Corp

Aug 3, 2022 · 3 minutes read
8 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Beauty and Fashion | Perfect Corp

Last year, in consideration of recent developments around the pandemic and growing concern for employee safety, many companies have made the difficult decision to scale back in-person participation at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. But this time, major businesses are already announcing new innovations in tech products to be unveiled at this year's CES event.

These companies have acknowledged that the innovations showcased at this physical event will revolutionize the consumer world. Along with robust innovations, attendees can also expect to see a showcase of business solutions and enhanced customer experience possibilities at the event. With advancements like these, businesses now have a unique opportunity to embrace emerging innovations and make lasting connections with leading suppliers from around the globe.

Beauty & Fashion Tech Solutions Empowered by AI & AR

Our AI and AR expertise positions us as an ideal technology partner, providing hyper-realistic virtual solutions for brands that wish to extend the virtual try-on experience from the physical world into the virtual world. By providing a 360° suite of solutions for both beauty and fashion, we are adding new services to help you update your portfolio, and incorporate the futuristic virtual try-ons products into your business activities. 

The Tech Innovations That Are Changing the Industries 

AI-powered AR Makeup Try-on 

The hyper-realistic virtual makeovers designed for omnichannel deployments.

Virtual Makeup Try-Ons

AI Skin Analysis with Live Camera Mode

The real-time skin analysis powered by cutting-edge AI deep learning skin analysis technology, with over 14 types of skin concern detections.

AI Skin Analysis

AI Skin Simulation to Visualize Product Effect 

Our AI engine can also generate visual simulation that tracks skin concern improvements directly on a user's face.

Skin Smoothing with AI Tech

YouCam Tutorial 

AR-powered tutorials with step-by-step makeup application instructions, tailored to customers’ unique facial features.

Youcam Tutorial

AI Face Analyzer 

Personalized product recommendations based on user’s unique facial features, shades and skin tone.

AI Facial Analysis

Virtual Try-On for Glasses 

Fully-customizable, true-to-life virtual try-on for eyewear, with auto pupillary distance detection.

Virtual Eyewear Try-Ons

Virtual Try-On for Nail Polish 

Fully customizable nail art and nail polish virtual try-on powered by cutting-edge hand tracking technology.

Virtual Nail Colors Try-Ons

Beard Dye and Beard Style Virtual Try-On 

Virtual try-on for beard color and beard style, as well as hyper-realistic smart beard removal.

Beard Styles and Colors Virtual Try-Ons

Book an appointment with our team of experts to learn how you can leverage the power of AI to optimize your omnichannel strategy, deliver super-engaging, ultra-personalized experiences to your customers, and prepare your brand for the AR world.

Revolutionizing Shopper Journeys with AI & AR-Powered Solutions

Our award-winning beauty and fashion tech solutions are allowing brands to connect with their customers in new and exciting ways across all consumer touchpoints, supercharging their omnichannel strategies and dramatically increasing sales conversions. Thanks to the trailblazing solutions, beauty and fashion brands are now able to present their customers with myriad personalization tools that afford shoppers a wide array of experiences, such as the option to try products virtually, learn product application techniques with step-by-step tutorials, or receive detailed personal diagnostics and product recommendations.  

Our AI & AR solutions are proving to be the best way for brands to connect with their customers and deliver high-touch, engaging experiences. As the digital world becomes a more and more important part of our lives, our solutions offer to bridge the gap between digital and physical spaces, delivering new and exciting ‘phygital’ experiences for consumers to enjoy and share.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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