How Avon Leveraged Beauty Tech to Empower its Salesforce
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How Avon Leveraged Beauty Tech to Empower its Salesforce

Nov 14, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How Avon Leveraged Beauty Tech to Empower its Salesforce

If you work in the beauty space or you are an avid consumer of beauty products, you’ve likely heard of Avon. Avon has been one of the most iconic beauty brands in the industry for 135 years. Over its long history, Avon has played a significant role in influencing beauty trends worldwide and providing the high standard of customer service that its clients have come to expect. 

In addition to its position as a global beauty leader, Avon has also been known for its’ expansive direct salesforce. However, as the company transforms and looks to the future, the classic Avon sales representative who once went door-to-door is evolving as well. To ensure success in this digital-first world, Avon is now integrating AR virtual try-on technologies into its direct selling strategy in Latin America and beyond. These technologies have become essential tools for Avon’s direct salesforce, and are empowering sales representatives to provide the best possible service and product recommendations to customers. 

Avon Partners with Perfect Corp to Integrate Virtual Try-On 

The science of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, or AR and AI, is still relatively new, as both technologies came about in the mid 20th century. However, since their creation, AR and AI have played a key role in advancing a variety of industries, with beauty being one of the most recent and influential.  

As the pioneers of AR and AI in the beauty space, Perfect Corp has changed the way consumers interact with beauty brands. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 launched AR and AI to the forefront of how consumers interact with their favorite beauty brands, and helped accelerate the digital transformation in beauty taking place today.

Leaders in the global beauty market have quickly realized the impact of these technologies on increasing sales, boosting revenue, and improving the customer experience. Now, they have become integral parts of the omnichannel shopping journey. 

Avon Partners with Perfect Corp to Integrate Virtual Try-On contact us

For these reasons, as Avon looked to build out a strong digital transformation strategy, the company partnered with Perfect Corp. to empower its’ sales representatives with virtual try-on tools and smart technologies that would enhance the direct selling experience and drive customer engagement.  

Using Beauty Tech to Increase Sales and Empower the Salesforce in Latin America 

Every beauty consumer is unique and will have their own individual needs and preferences when it comes to makeup and skincare products. That’s why companies like Perfect Corp have developed advanced AR and AI technologies to cater to this “demographic of one”. With AR and AI technology and virtual try-on experiences, beauty brands can deliver personalized product recommendations to every customer. All that is needed is a smartphone or iPad, and a few simple clicks.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Foundation Shade Finder technologycontact us

With AR and AI virtual try-on technology, the Avon customer experience is enhanced with a level of personalization never before possible in a direct selling format. Avon sales representatives can now use virtual try-on tools to bring products to life. Customers can use these tools to try on dozens of makeup shades in seconds to find their perfect match. This technology has also made a huge impact when it comes to providing personalized foundation recommendations to Avon customers. Avon sales representatives can use Perfect Corp.’s AI Foundation Shade Finder technology to provide each customer with a digital skin analysis, determining the best product match for the consumer’s skin tone. With this personalized shopping experience, Avon sales representatives are often able to boost their average order value, as customers are able to try on shades and find products they love. In turn, customers feel more confident about their purchasing decisions and often purchase more. 

Increasing Trust Between Beauty Sales Representatives and Customers Through Beauty Tech 

Beauty has never been a one-size-fits-all concept, and Avon leads its sales strategies in the Latin American market and beyond with this belief. The capabilities of AR and AI allow Avon sales representatives to build even stronger relationships with their customers. The use of AR and AI technologies allow Avon representatives to create a closer, more long-lasting relationship with their customers, mimicking that of the “Avon ladies” and the customers in their local communities in decades past. These technologies re-imagine these interactions in a digital format. Sales representatives can leverage AR and AI-powered virtual try-on tools to provide personalized product recommendations. This builds deeper trust and brand loyalty between the sales representative and customer. With beauty tech, Avon customers can enjoy the classic Avon experience from the comfort of their home and trust that they are receiving the same level of personalization and customer service.

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Utilizing Beauty Tech to Lead with Sustainability 

The growth of beauty tech has made sustainable business practices more and more accessible to large beauty companies like Avon. Through the integration of virtual product try-on technology and tools, Avon can significantly reduce the plastic and paper waste that is typically created during traditional physical and in-store product testing. This also allows the company to promote sustainable beauty businesses practices around the globe, and through its salesforce.

Utilizing Beauty Tech to Lead with Sustainabilitycontact us

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