Boosting Sales and Engagement with Virtual Try-On Tech for Press-On Nails
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Boosting Sales and Engagement with Virtual Try-On Tech for Press-On Nails

Apr 11, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Boosting Sales and Engagement with Virtual Try-On Tech for Press-On Nails

In the ever-changing beauty industry, staying ahead means embracing innovative technologies. One such game-changing technology is AI-powered virtual nail try-on. In the realm of press-on nails, rising virtual try-on technology has a major impact on boosting sales and engagement.

Read on to learn why Perfect Corp.’s leading virtual try-on technology is the top choice for e-commerce brands. 

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The Power of Visual Appeal

To understand the importance of virtual try-on, it’s essential to know the power of visual appeal. The saying "seeing is believing" holds immense significance, particularly in the beauty industry. Visual appeal plays a crucial role in shaping consumer choices, and virtual AI nail try-on emerges as the superhero in this narrative. 

Though consumers try their best to envision how online nail products will look IRL, nothing beats a true demonstration that takes the guessing game away. With this technology, consumers can explore an extensive array of nail designs and experiment with various styles before making a purchase. This enhances their confidence in their purchase choices. 

Providing a realistic preview of press-on nail designs transforms the traditional shopping experience into an interactive and visually stimulating journey. 

Virtual Try On for Nails

Press-On Nails: A Trend Resurgence

In recent years, we've witnessed a major resurgence of press-on nails. However, press-on nails are not just a contemporary fad — they have a rich history. Press-on nails have been beloved for their versatility in designs and ease of application for decades, making them a staple accessory for self-expression. They were especially loved in the 1980s and '90s, and have recently again captured the hearts of many manicure lovers.

Creative and intricate nail art is one of the biggest trends in the nail industry. However, getting professionally done acrylics — and maintaining them — is certainly not sustainable for everyone. That’s why many consumers opt for do-it-yourself press-on nails to achieve the look of long and painted nails without breaking the bank.

Press on nails

From elegant minimalism to avant-garde designs, press-on nails offer self-expression that consumers love — and present a unique opportunity for companies to appeal to those consumers.

Virtual Try-On for Press-On Nails: New Way to Shop for Consumers

Virtual Try-On for Press-On NailsThe Perfect Corp. Virtual Nail Try-On tool is a cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionize the way consumers shop for press-on nails. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, this tool allows users to seamlessly visualize how different nail designs would look on their own hands through realistic simulations. 

The Virtual Nail Try-On tool utilizes AgileHand technology, an AI-powered technology that detects and analyzes hand movements in real-time to provide a realistic augmented reality (AR) simulation. The tool is compatible with endless colors and textures, meaning that it can simulate any nail design, shade, shape, or texture (jelly, sheer, matte, metallic, etc.).Try on nails virtually with different length, shape and texture

To use the Virtual Nail Try-On tool, users simply click “Try On” on the tool’s interface and allow the page or app to access their device’s camera. Then, users can select from different nail options and colors and see how they look on their hands in real-time.

The tool is available for easy access through Perfect Corp.'s online demo, where users can see for themselves the tool’s ease of use and entertainment factor. Beauty brands can also integrate this tool seamlessly with their online platforms or mobile applications. This allows consumers to try on products virtually before they buy and helps them make informed decisions.

The tool's easy customization and integration features even allow brands to tailor the try-on options to their products and branding. It is also compatible across iOS and Android devices, ensuring an accessible shopping experience for every user. 

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Virtual Try-On for Press-On Nails is Transforming the Nail Industry

Virtual try-on capabilities are transforming the nail industry. With Perfect Corp.’s technology, consumers can instantly experiment with different styles, eliminating the uncertainty that often accompanies online beauty purchases. The ability to personalize and customize the virtual try-on experience adds a unique touch to the buying journey, fostering a deeper connection between the brand and the consumer. 

Moreover, the integration of virtual try-on translates into increased sales, as customers are more confident in their purchases. This also leads to reduced return rates and positive reviews. From a sustainability perspective, virtual try-on reduces both return rates and the need for physical press-on nail samples, contributing to environmental conservation.

The Benefit Of Virtual Nail Try On

All in all, Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology offers a multitude of benefits for both consumers and brands in the press-on nail industry. For consumers, it eliminates the guesswork associated with online shopping by providing a realistic preview of how different nail designs would look on their own hands. For brands, virtual try-on opens up new opportunities for engagement and sales.

Brands can integrate VTO capabilities into their online platforms to provide customers with an interactive and immersive shopping experience that sets them apart from competitors. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also drives conversion rates. Moreover, virtual try-on enables brands to learn more about consumer preferences and trends, which allows them to tailor their product offerings and marketing strategies accordingly.

Join the Beauty Revolution with Perfect Corp.

The integration of virtual try-on technology like Perfect Corp.’s Virtual Nail Try-On tool marks a significant milestone for the beauty industry. Perfect Corp.'s try-on tools harness the power of visual appeal and personalization, revolutionizing the e-commerce space for beauty brands. Join us in embracing this transformative technology that is changing the way consumers shop for press-on nails. Contact our sales team to find a tailored solution for your beauty business.

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Press-On Nail VTO FAQ

What is the new technology in nails?

The new nail technology is Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered Virtual Nail Try-On technology, which allows users to visualize how different press-on nail designs would look on their own hands through realistic AR simulations.

Can virtual try-on be integrated into physical stores?

Yes, virtual try-on technology can be seamlessly integrated into physical stores, providing customers with an interactive and immersive shopping experience. Retailers can incorporate digital screens or kiosks equipped with VTO capabilities to enhance the in-store experience and drive customer engagement.

Is virtual try-on accurate in representing the final look of press-on nails?

Yes, virtual try-on technology is highly accurate in representing the final look of press-on nails. With advanced features such as AgileHand technology, users can visualize how different nail designs would appear on their own hands with remarkable accuracy.

How does virtual try-on enhance the nail shopping experience?

Virtual try-on allows consumers to explore a wide range of nail designs and experiment with different styles in a virtual environment, enhancing the nail shopping experience. This personalized and interactive approach fosters confidence in purchasing decisions, reduces return rates, and ultimately leads to a more satisfying shopping experience for consumers.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and get ahead of the beauty tech trends. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by over 600 brands globally.

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