Building Brand Loyalty with Virtual Try-On: Accuracy, Precision, and Authenticity

Building Brand Loyalty with Virtual Try-On: Accuracy, Precision, and Authenticity

May 11, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Building Brand Loyalty with Virtual Try-On: Accuracy, Precision, and Authenticity

Beauty industry business leaders know that trust builds loyalty. Customers return to brands because they trust the consistency and quality of each product. As modern businesses expand to include virtual try-on experiences on their websites and apps, brand trust should always be a priority.

Virtual try-on simulations are part of the new digital buying experience that many customers have come to expect. Whether they’re looking for a virtual glasses try-on or even trying out different makeup or hair colors through the computer, every person expects that the technology will give them a fair representation of how the product will truly look on them.

Virtual Try On Hair color, Makeup or Glasses.

The digital experience is a major component when it comes to building brand loyalty and trust. After all, if a customer purchases a product but discovers that it looks completely different once it arrives at their house, they won’t want to continue purchasing from the company. 

The best way for business owners to create a great experience that builds trust? Invest in the right technology.

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Building Brand Loyalty with Virtual Try-On Technology

New virtual try-on technology often utilized artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). These new digital tools allow beauty companies, fashion brands, medical spas, and other companies to deliver interactive online shopping experiences that provide customers with real value and advice.

That’s one pain point that many business owners may be concerned about when they consider integrating new technology. If it doesn’t work, all the time and resources invested will be wasted, and no one wants a poor ROI. A business with an unrealistic virtual hair color try-on experience, for example, would lose trust rather than build it through the new digital option.

To succeed, The AI or AR tools must accurately portray how a customer will look when using the product.

Virtual Try on can show how products look on customers accruately.

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Virtual Try-On Technology

To successfully build an impactful virtual try-on experience, beauty and fashion brands must focus first on having precise technology. A customer must feel confident that the color, size, style, and fit of the actual product will be the same as what they saw online. The digital experience must be a precise representation of the physical product.

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Virtual Try-On Technology

To accomplish this, it’s important to partner with reputable tech companies that specialize in AI and AR virtual try-on technology. Perfect Corp. has the most advanced and most comprehensive suite of beauty and fashion tech solutions, starting with the precise nature of its AgileFace® and AgileHand™ Technology, which allows for a virtual makeover and virtual try-on that are highly realistic while maintaining exceptional performance efficiency.

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Maintaining the Authenticity of the VTO Experience

There are a few things businesses must consider when integrating virtual try-on technology into their e-commerce shopping experience.

First, the AI or AR technology must accurately reflect the physical characteristics of the shopper. This provides an opportunity to personalize the digital shopping experience, with the same considerations and enjoyment a traditional brick-and-mortar store could provide.

Second, the virtual try-on must also maintain authenticity by accurately displaying the product that is being modeled. This can be achieved through the use of high-quality images and detailed product information, such as texture, color, and fit. Perfect Corp. adheres to a strict and precise color matching method, ensuring that all digital representations of makeup shades are precise and true-to-life.

If the technology achieves both of these, it will likely strengthen the customer’s trust in the brand. But that’s not all: The experience must also be user-friendly and intuitive. The consumer must be able to easily navigate through the journey and understand all the features available to them.

Companies that specialize in this work, like Perfect Corp., invest in their own infrastructure, making sure both the back end and the customer experience are top quality. This way, business leaders can focus on building trust with new products or services that their target audience is seeking. 

Build Trust in Virtual Try-On Technology With Perfect Corp.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 500+ brands globally.

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