How AI & AR Technologies Are Changing the Beauty Industry
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How AI & AR Technologies Are Changing the Beauty Industry

Dec 29, 2020 · 3 minutes read
How AI & AR Technologies Are Changing the Beauty Industry

As the beauty technology industry continues to innovate, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are at the center of the makeover. Beauty tech has become essential to the retail and e-commerce space because it provides an omni-channel experience, significantly improves user engagement, and its data personalization and recommendations allow brands to learn and serve customers even better than before. 

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Perfect Corp., the leading global beauty tech solutions provider, is pushing the envelope of beauty tech innovation and spotlighting the digital strategies brands need in order to flourish in the competitive beauty landscape. In Perfect Corp.’s first Global Beauty Tech Master Series, SVP and General Manager, Wayne Liu dives into how both AI and AR are instrumental in shaping the future of the beauty tech industry.

Here’s a look into how AR, AI, and an omni-channel strategy are at the forefront of the beauty tech revolution.

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Augmented Reality (AR) for Virtual Try-On Success

Augmented reality (AR) continues to be a vital component of modern beauty tech advancements. By combining visual computing, facial tracking, digital color, and shade analysis mapping, and adaptive lighting simulation, AR virtual try-on experience can be more accurate than ever before.

Using Perfect Corp.’s AR virtual try-on functionality, customers are able to test and try on makeup in real-time, thanks to smart color calibration and color blending for accurate results. This virtual try-on technology not only provides realistic results on any skin tone, but it also adapts and accurately displays makeup based on the facial features and user’s textures, all while considering the environment. It’s this digital knowledge that allows AR to power the virtual try-on, and truly be as real as reality. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a Deeper User Understanding

Alongside AR, AI uses data science, machine learning, and the artificial neural network to further enhance a user’s brand experience and drive personalized recommendations. Through the power and logic of deep learning, AI is able to understand a user’s skin health, and to provide personalized product recommendations and diagnostic readings that speak to the individual.

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With deep learning, Perfect Corp.’s machine learning technology has been further trained to understand and detect 8 skin health conditions, including skin spots, hydration levels, redness, wrinkles, texture, dark circle, oiliness levels, and acne. This intuitive and learned automation has allowed the technology to analyze the face to provide individual customized recommendations to each user including dedicated skincare solutions, precise foundation shade matches, and accurate lip color placement. There personalized beauty tech experiences are made possible thanks to the detailed capabilities of AI.

Using Beauty Tech to Its Fullest: An Omnichannel Strategy for Every Consumer Touchpoint

For beauty brands to thrive in an ever-increasing digital world and a world disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, AR and AI technologies must be met with an omnichannel strategy across all consumer touchpoints. This means that web and e-commerce customer-brand interactions must match the experience users have come to expect in retail stores. In addition to the online and in-store consumer journey, brands must focus on a cohesive user experience across social channels, mobile apps, SDK, and mobile platforms, which can help drive sales conversion.

Take the Estée Lauder brand, for example, which saw a 2.5 times higher conversion rate once it implemented the lip virtual try-on online, as well as in-store. The company’s iMatch™ Virtual Shade Expert used AI to recommend accurate and personalized foundation shades, leading to better conversion and stronger customer loyalty.

Benefit Cosmetics, meanwhile, implemented AR technology to power its web Brow Try-On feature and saw significant results. Via a browser-based experience, through the YouCam app, in partner websites, on the WeChat mini-app, Benefit has seen a 20% increase in add-to-carts from its site, and an impressive 113% increase in conversions.

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These brand success stories are just a sample of the real-world cases of AI and AR implementation. By integrating beauty tech fundamentals to re-imagine the consumer beauty experience, beauty brands can remain at the cutting edge of the growing beauty tech revolution.

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