Augmented Reality Jewelry: How to Choose the Best Solution
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Augmented Reality Jewelry: How to Choose the Best Solution

Jan 6, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Choose the Best AR Solution for Jewelry

When it comes to consumers relying on augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) virtual try-on technologies as a true utility to aid them in their shopping experience, true-to-life accuracy is key. It is essential that the colors, finishes, and textures of the products consumers are trying on digitally accurately represent the look and wear of their real life counterpart.

This is especially important when it comes to virtual try-on for jewelry and accessories, ensuring that the digitized product assets replicate every element of the physical product from the reflection to the dangle, in order to deliver a true-to-life try-on. 

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Perfect Corp.’s advanced AI and AR technologies continue to prioritize the highest level of hyper-realistic precision, which is why they have become the trusted solutions provider for hundreds of beauty and fashion companies around the globe.

It’s also the reason these brands continued to see impressive engagement and conversion results, further proving that consumers can confidently rely on Perfect Corp. for accurate virtual try-ons to help along their purchase journey. When looking for an AR and AI-powered solution for virtual jewelry and accessories try-on, these are the top four elements to consider. 

1. Live Camera Mode

While many solutions providers offer users the ability to upload a static photo and apply a stickered virtual try-on, few companies offer a real-time, live camera experience.

Perfect Corp. prioritizes a digital experience that seamlessly mirrors the physical one, and ups the ante for jewelry and accessories try-ons by delivering results in live camera mode. 

Unlike the static photo try-on, the live camera introduces a heightened layer of complexity that takes into account the natural movement and positioning of products when we wear them.

Take for example, the dangle of an earring as your head turns side to side, or the slink of a bracelet on your wrist as you move your hand. Accurately replicating the natural movements of these objects requires advanced technical understanding, which delivers a hyper-realistic experience for the consumer.

Jitter-Free Movement

When considering AI and AR-powered virtual try-on solutions that utilize live camera mode, it’s also important to look at the quality of the digital tracking and how it responds to your natural movements. In some experiences, you’ll find that the digital accessory flickers and becomes shaky as the user moves their head or wrist this way and that.

Perfect Corp. is able to combat this disruptive experience through advanced jitter-free, no-lag tracking that results in a smooth, crisp try-on. The advanced technology keeps up with all-natural head and hand movements so the virtual try-on matches the realism of a physical try-on.

True-to-Life Textures and Finishes

Another element that adds to the accuracy of a hyper-realistic virtual try-on is lighting.

In order to ensure an accurate true-to-life virtual try-on, the technology must take into account light and how it responds to different materials, keeping in mind a variety of textures and finishes.

Perfect Corp.’s live camera mode is an advanced AI and AR-powered solution that takes into account enhanced lighting effects which determine exactly this. This advanced technology is accurately replicates how different materials and textures reflect the light.

Virtual Watch Try-On

Take for example, a gold accessory, as compared to a leather watchband, or a twinkling jewel or diamond; all of these objects behave differently when exposed to light and reflect differently from different angles.

Perfect Corp.’s advanced AI and AR virtual try-on technologies use an advanced 3D model that supports high-resolution textures and material reflections which give all types of virtual accessories that most realistic appearance.

Simulated motion physics and occlusion culling ensure that the accessories behave in a completely natural way and takes into account finishes and textures, so consumers can accurately grasp the look and feel of a digital product try-on.

Cross-Category Selection

Virtual Jewelry Try-On

Two key factors that determine the fast adoption of virtual try-on solutions as an essential tool along the consumer-shopping journey are convenience and accessibility.

Consumers don’t want to feel limited in their shopping experience, so it’s critical that the virtual try-on experience is all-encompassing, allowing them to easily navigate a selection of products across a range of categories.

Perfect Corp. is one of the few solution providers that offers extensive cross-category try-ons for accessories for the face, hand, and wrist including earrings, bracelets, watches, and rings

Fashion Tech Solutions

This cross-category selection provides a full-range digital try-on experience to users where they can experiment with all types of face, hand, and wrist accessories. In providing such a comprehensive offering, Perfect Corp. is able to deliver a promising consumer experience that rivals the options and flexibility of an in-store shopper journey.

If you're looking to bring your fashion accessories to life through virtual try-on, be sure to find a solutions provider that delivers the most accurate experience possible. This includes a true-to-life try-on through live camera mode with jitter-free tracking that takes into account the specific textures and finishes of the accessories.

Also, make sure to consider the product selection available in order to ensure consumers have the more comprehensive full-range experience possible. If you’re looking to integrate virtual try-on across your consumer journey, contact the Perfect Corp. sales team today.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 470+ brands globally.

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