How to Start Branded AR Marketing Campaigns in YouCam Apps
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How to Start Branded AR Marketing Campaigns in YouCam Apps

Mar 24, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How to Start Branded AR Marketing Campaigns in YouCam Apps

The digital transformation has brought with it a growing demand for brands to find creative, hyper-engaging ways to connect with their consumers. In doing so, brands are challenged to utilize AI and AR digital technologies as a means of bringing their brand identity and product offerings to life.

The Popularity of Apps

One of the most impactful ways brands are drawing on this digital connection with their consumers, is through interactive virtual try-on within the YouCam Suite of Apps including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect. The YouCam Community is nearing a mega-milestone of 1 billion global app downloads which provides brands with incredible exposure to a hyper-engaged Gen Z and millennial audience.

Tailored for Brand's Needs

Branded effects and campaigns within the YouCam Community can be tailored to meet the needs of all brands and build a strong brand message and impactful, interactive campaign that speaks to the modern day consumer. Learn why you should leverage YouCam Apps to amplify your next big product launch below.

How YouCam apps amplify your product launch.Free Demo for Launching Marketing Campaigns in YouCam Apps

Impactful AI and AR Virtual Try-On for Marketing Campaigns

Virtual try-on can be utilized in a variety of ways within the YouCam suite of Apps, this includes digitized product offerings, branded looks and effects, and impactful campaigns that drive engagement. With over 660 million weekly SKU try-ons and a one-click link to shop, brands are able to attract new consumers and create a cohesive discovery-to-purchase journey.

How to Create Engaging Campaigns

Brands can also create customized looks and effects including featured looks, branded frames, animated stickers, and eye-catching photo effects that bring a brands identity to digital reality. These interactive frames and effects are experienced in real-time via YouCam’s live camera for a fun, engaging, and impactful brand moment. To further amplify these interactive branded products, looks, and effects in-app, brands can launch an in-app campaign to stir excitement and drive results.

Impactful AI and AR Virtual Try-OnFree Demo for Launching Marketing Campaigns in YouCam Apps

Amplify Marketing Campaigns with YouCam In-App Touchpoints

The most impactful in-app touchpoints are strategic placements on the homepage banner or homepage tile. With over 218 million monthly impressions, and 1-4% click through rate, this homepage entry point is successful at capturing the attention of in-app users and establishing interest in your brand or product.

These homepage promotional placements typically drive to an editorial post feature which is an opportunity for brands to share their messaging and create a compelling story to spotlight their brand or market their products.

These native in-app editorial features garner close to 30 million monthly impressions with a 6-9.6% open rate. Brands use these placements to highlight their brand vision or showcase newness debuting in their product offerings.

From here, users are invited to dive deeper into the content by trying on the featured products, looks, or effects through true-to-life AI and AR virtual try-on. By inviting users to connect with your brand through fun, compelling interactive content, brands are creating an impactful high-touch branded moment that resonates off the screen.

The YouCam In-App TouchpointsFree Demo for Launching Marketing Campaigns in YouCam Apps

Building an Impactful Marketing Campaign in YouCam App

Brands continue to turn to the YouCam Community as a way to boost brand awareness and create impactful interactive moments that spotlight their products and brand in a new way.

By combining a high-touch AI and AR-powered virtual try-on experience with high-impact creatives in strategic promotional placements, brands can lean into the digital transformation by creating memorable branded experiences that resonate for the consumer and drive results. 

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