Learn How Sally Hansen Increased the Sales Conversion +100% with VTO

Learn How Sally Hansen Increased the Sales Conversion +100% with VTO

Apr 14, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Learn How Sally Hansen Increased the Sales Conversion +100% with VTO
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The past two years have been truly revolutionary in accelerating the digital revolution that had been decades in the making. As more and more consumers have become comfortable with shopping online, and using their smartphones as a key to unlocking their shopping experiences, it set the stage for brands to roll out new digital strategies to engage customers to increase the sales in exciting new ways.

For industries like beauty and cosmetics, brands faced an uphill battle in the form of the pandemic. A once personal, hands-on shopping experience had to be converted for a digital audience. Innovative brands like Coty were searching for ways to offer the same in-store experience to customers in a way that aligned with safety protocols. Luckily, this challenge presented itself at a time when artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies were ready to take center stage to provide an answer to the call.

How Sally Hansen Increased the Sales Conversion +100% with VTOContact Perfect Corp for Virtual Nail Color Try-On 

Sally Hansen, a Coty brand, partnered with Perfect Corp. to explore the digital solutions available to provide a unique, personalized virtual try-on experience for their customers. With Perfect Corps.’s new AgileHand technology, which enables customers to virtually try on nail colors to discover their perfect shade, Sally Hansen saw unprecedented engagement and increased sales conversion.

Transforming the Nail Polish Product Try-On Experience with Virtual Try-On to Increase the Sales

Augmented reality is truly a game-changer for the beauty industry, and Perfect Corp. is leading that charge of innovation. In the past, Perfect Corp. has used AR to enable virtual makeup try-on, which has become a cornerstone of digital strategy for over 400 global beauty and fashion brands. For a brand like Sally Hansen, itself a leader in nail color and care, it would seem easy to translate that AR technology for virtual nail color try-on.

AgileHand Technology

In reality, the mechanics of AR are completely different when it comes to hands compared to faces. Unlike faces, hands have a full 360-degree range of motion and gesture. By leveraging what’s known as a physically based rendering, Perfect Corp. was able to apply AR to hands, which enables virtual try-one of not only nail colors but jewelry and watches as well.

Contact Perfect Corp for Virtual Nail Color Try-On 

Solving Consumer Pain Points

Nail polish and nail color brands have long faced the challenge of providing customers with the ability to try shades on; even in in-store and salon settings and even before pandemic conditions set in. Typically, nail polish testers are not available in stores. As a result, customers may not always feel confident about the nail polish color they are choosing or be able to visualize how the color will look on their nails. 

By utilizing this innovative AgileHand technology through a partnership with Perfect Corp., Sally Hansen has allowed customers to try on more than 100 nail color shades virtually and see the colors come to life with full hand movement, as well as view the color from multiple angles.

Sally Hansen's virtual nail try on allow customers to check multiple angles and colors.Contact Perfect Corp for Virtual Nail Color Try-On 

An Instant Success Story with Virtual Nail Color Try-On 

Increased Engagement & Time-on-Page 

The results for Sally Hansen were immediate upon rollout of the AI-powered virtual nail color try-on experience. The company found that customers were trying on an average of 12 shades per session, causing time spent on product pages to increase by more than 100%. It turns out when consumers can try on and play with different nail color shades virtually, engagement skyrockets and increase the sales.

“It creates a completely new shopping experience,” says Shanna Weinblatt, Senior Director of Innovation & Beauty Tech at Coty. “Whether you're buying online or in-store, it makes testing nail polish accessible, which we've never really been able to do in the past. Also, the fun part is that consumers are no longer limited to the amount of shades. You can pick out the ones that you know will look best on your nails, but it also allows you to play with shades that you would have never thought to in the past.”

Contact Perfect Corp for Virtual Nail Color Try-On 

Add-to-Basket Conversion Rate Increased +110%

If the goal were simply engagement, Sally Hansen succeeded. But where the nail color virtual try-on experience proved truly transformational was in conversions. Giving consumers the opportunity to try on an unlimited number of shades gives them more opportunities to fall in love with products and nail color shades Or, put simply, the more you try, the more you buy. After deploying AgileHand technology, Sally Hansen’s add-to-basket conversion rate skyrocketed by over 110%.

Product Discovery is a Key to Increase the Sales

For many beauty brands, including Sally Hansen, the largest hurdle is product discovery. For products as personal as nail colors and cosmetics, it’s essential for customers to see the product on themselves in order to make an informed choice. Even before the pandemic, brands struggled to showcase their catalogs—which could very well be hundreds of different color and texture combinations—in a usable way for customers. Leveraging AI and AR-powered technology like Perfect Corps.’s nail color virtual try-on is revolutionary for the industry.

“This tool has allowed us to take it truly to the next level,” Weinblatt says.

Offering a brand’s complete product catalog to customers for virtual try-on gives them more options and more opportunities to see products come to life. By creating those personalized moments with a product during the shopping experience, brands are able to see unprecedented levels of engagement and, like Sally Hansen, dramatically increased the sales conversion.

Contact Perfect Corp for Virtual Nail Color Try-On 

An Inside Look of How Sally Hansen Transforms the Retail Experience with AI Virtual Try-On

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