How to Leverage Augmented Reality in Marketing Strategies

How to Leverage Augmented Reality in Marketing Strategies

Dec 24, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Leverage Augmented Reality in Marketing Strategies

Augmented reality is one of the most exciting new technologies brands can use to engage customers. By overlaying digital content on top of the real world, brands can create immersive shopping experiences that are truly unique and cannot be replicated anywhere else. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the ways that augmented reality can be used in marketing strategies, and how you can leverage this technology to create amazing campaigns for your business.

What Is Augmented Reality and How Can It Be Used in Marketing Strategies?

Augmented reality marketing is an innovative form of advertising that combines real-life surroundings with digitally created images to enhance the user's experience.

By overlaying computer-generated images on top of their physical environment, brands are able to create interactive and immersive experiences for customers that can be extremely effective in generating consumer interest. Augmented reality marketing can allow companies to engage customers by providing customized information about a product or service, as well as enable potential buyers to virtually experiment how a product functions in their lives.

Augmented reality marketing campaigns have grown increasingly popular among businesses looking to upgrade their advertising strategies due to its capacity for increasing reader engagement and creating a unique customer journey.

The Benefits Of Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) marketing is quickly becoming the go-to for brands looking to engage customers and stand out from the competition. AR allows consumers to experience branded content in an interactive, 3D environment, encouraging them to explore beyond traditional advertising.

For instance, augmented reality offers brands the opportunity to create product trials in a simulated setting, allowing customers to try before they buy - often leading to additional sales.

Additionally, augmented reality can be used as a tool to facilitate customer service qualities such as product reviews or tutorials that help inform purchase decisions. By leveraging augmented reality marketing strategies, brands can maintain customer loyalty and engagement more efficiently than ever before.

Augmented reality is a powerful digital tool utilized by some of the world’s preeminent brands to reach their customers. As reported by Fortune Business Insights, this technology is expected to bring in a massive $97.76 billion by 2028 —a truly staggering figure that speaks volumes about its potential and efficacy as an effective marketing strategy!

North America Augmented Reality Market Size

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How AI Tech & Augmented Reality Enhances Your Marketing Strategy

1. Provide a Truly Personalized Shopping Experience

AI uses data science, machine learning, and the artificial neural network to further enhance a user’s brand experience and drive personalized recommendations.

For example, through the power and logic of deep learning, AI is able to understand an individual user’s skin health, and provide personalized product recommendations. Truly realizing personalized experiences for customers for a unique and memorable encounter. 

2. Create an Interactive Experience

Using AR, brands can create interactive campaigns that engage customers in real-time. It now allows for previously conceptualized ideas and projects to be brought to life directly in front of audiences' eyes, creating a more immediate connection with consumers that ensures brand messages are delivered effectively.

3. Increase Brand Exposure

By providing attractive and engaging content through augmented reality applications, your brand has a way larger potential to reach new audiences and provide a unique experience for existing customers. 

4. Create Original Content

AR gives you the ability to create exclusive content that stands out from the competition and engages users like never before.

5. Measure Results

With AR's analytics capabilities, brands can track user behavior and measure the success of their campaigns more accurately than ever before. Moreover, brands can leverage the collected data for future product development.

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The Current Augmented Reality Marketing Strategies Across Different Industries

AR Virtual Try On for Beauty & Fashion

AR Virtual Try On for Beauty & Fashion

Augmented reality (AR) virtual try on technology offers a number of benefits to beauty and fashion brands in terms of their marketing strategies. By allowing customers to "try before they buy" virtually, AR eliminates the need for physical product samples and reduces return rates, while providing a more engaging customer experience. 

From an advertising perspective, augmented reality enables brands to create visually stunning content to showcase their products, as well as augmented reality experiences that can be used to increase brand visibility and engagement.  Ultimately, augmented reality virtual try on offers immense potential for brands in terms of creating more dynamic and effective marketing strategies. Adding augmented reality marketing to the arsenal of existing digital tools will result in more successful campaigns that create deeper connections between brands and their customers.

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AR Art Exhibition

Artists have long been trying to integrate augmented reality into art exhibitions. The Van Gogh augmented reality art exhibition has proven to be immensely successful, showcasing how augmented reality marketing can create a captivating and interactive experience. 

The Van Gogh augmented reality art exhibition

The art exhibition leverages AR to create an immersive and multi-faceted experience. It allows guests to transport themselves into each artwork, transforming the traditional viewing of art from a two-dimensional painting into an interactive digital world. 

Each visitor can take a journey walking through digitally augmented landscapes in view of projected animations and scenography that overlap with physical elements. The result is a truly unique and engaging experience that serves as a testament to the power of augmented reality marketing.

AR Furniture Shopping

AR Furniture Shopping

IKEA has taken AR marketing to the next level with its innovative augmented reality product display. By integrating augmented reality into their application, IKEA customers can get a more expansive view of furniture items before purchasing them online. This allows customers to virtually place the item in their own space, as well as zoom in for a more detailed look at the product. 

With this augmented reality display, IKEA is able to better control and monitor customer interaction with products, decreasing the likelihood of returns and increasing overall customer satisfaction. AR is quickly becoming an efficient go-to way to bring digital experiences into daily life and IKEA is leading the charge when it comes to augmented reality marketing.

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Augmented reality marketing has the potential to revolutionize how brands interact with customers and increase engagement. From virtual try-ons for beauty and fashion products, to interactive art exhibitions and furniture shopping experiences, augmented reality offers a unique opportunity to create captivating content that stands out from the competition

By leveraging AR's analytics capabilities, businesses can measure user behavior more effectively than ever before while creating dynamic campaigns that drive sales growth. With its immersive nature and ability to bring digital experiences into daily life, it’s no wonder why so many companies are turning towards augmented reality as an effective tool in their marketing strategies.

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