MLPS 2.0: Keep Your Business Safe in Cybersecurity in China
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MLPS 2.0: Keep Your Business Safe in Cybersecurity in China

Feb 18, 2023 · 3 minutes read
MLPS 2.0: Keep Your Business Safe in Cybersecurity in China

The Importance of Network Information Security

With the advent of the big data era, a vast amount of personal and enterprise information is stored on the Internet, highlighting the importance of network security. Ensuring network information security has become a critical issue that needs to be explored and solved.

Globally, there is a continuous stream of events that threaten information security, and the situation is dire. Computer viruses, network attacks, spam, system vulnerabilities, network espionage, online scams, false information, intellectual property rights infringement, and privacy violations are all increasingly pressing issues. These problems pose a severe threat to the security of countries, businesses, and individuals. Protecting personal information security not only concerns the individual rights of citizens but also relates to network security and national security.

Data security certifications Perfect Corp. Obtained.

What is MLPs? 

MLP, or the Multi-Level Protection Scheme, is an important part of China’s cybersecurity strategy, as it helps them identify malicious and suspicious processes across networks.

The recent news of Perfect Corp.’s cloud-based operating systems and full AI & AR virtual try-on solutions receiving national MLPS 2.0 certification is incredibly reassuring for businesses in China. 

The fact that government agencies have certified Perfect Corp.’s system highlights the level of cyber security considerations in the Chinese tech industry, giving assurance to businesses seeking offices there. With the pervasive threats posed by hacking and data breaches across countries, organizations can trust that china is taking measures to ensure reliable MLP China security standards.

How Important is the Security Protection Level System in China?

According to the "Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China" stipulates that network operators shall fulfill their security protection obligations in accordance with the requirements of the security protection level system.

The security protection level system is the fundamental system for cybersecurity in China and the basic action to ensure cybersecurity in the country. The security protection level system refers to the security protection of information systems at different levels for national important information, legal persons and other organizations, citizens' proprietary information, and public information, including storage, transmission, and processing of this information. A comprehensive government cybersecurity solution can help organizations meet the requirements of this multi-level system effectively.

Perfect Corp. Receives MLPS 2.0 certification in China

The multi-level protection scheme of the MLPS 2.0, regulated by the Ministry of Public Security in China, is an important network security compliance standard that almost all domestic and foreign companies operating in China must comply with. MLPS 2.0 is applicable to the information systems of general enterprises and institutions.

MLPS 2.0 requires enterprises or institutions to protect their systems from threats posed by small external organizations with limited resources, as well as from natural disasters and other correspondingly significant damages caused by such threats. They should be able to detect important security vulnerabilities and events and restore partial functionality within a specified time after being damaged by attacks.

Perfect Corp. Receives MLPS 2.0 certification in China

At Perfect Corp., we provide industry-standard security procedures for information security in China, which enhances the confidence of its partners. Its digital services achieve the highest level of information security. Complying with MLPS 2.0 also helps future partners to use its beauty and fashion technology solutions with confidence in the Chinese market.

Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., said, "We have always been committed to protecting the data security of our partners and end-users who use our solutions. Obtaining national MLPS 2.0 certification further demonstrates our commitment to data security and the efforts we have made to comply with national data protection legislation."

How Important is the Security Protection Level System in China?

A SafeGuard of Cyber Threats for China Market

As people's attention to privacy protection continues to increase, adopting internationally recognized standards is not only beneficial for enterprises to showcase themselves to the outside world, but also helps enhance their focus on privacy protection. It can also alleviate the concerns of regulatory authorities, partners, customers, and employees, and increase the trust of society in organizations.

Perfect Corp. has always been actively improving and complying with global data confidentiality and information security protection standards to obtain more extensive data security certifications. This is both self-regulation by Perfect Corp. and in line with the demand standards for domestic and foreign network information security technology.

Perfect Corp. will continue to maximize the business potential of data confidentiality and information security compliance measures, minimize potential risks in data confidentiality and information security, and proactively provide services to solve problems and fulfill compliance obligations for its clients.

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