Sustainable Marketing: How to Run A Green Sampling Campaign
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Sustainable Marketing: How to Run A Green Sampling Campaign

Apr 8, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Sustainable Marketing: How to Run A Green Sampling Campaign


Each year, the beauty industry creates 120 Billion units of product and packaging waste. For beauty brands, product tester units and product sampling campaigns are often a major contributor to this number. 

With sampling campaigns in particular, brands will often send a customer or loyalty program member several different shades of a product in order to help the consumer find their perfect fit. The consumer will select their ideal shade and throw away the additional samples, creating product waste that can ultimately have negative impacts on the environment. 

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Enhance Sustainable Marketing Initiatives with Eco-Friendly Product Sampling

AI + AR virtual try-on technology offers a sustainable marketing alternative for traditional product testing and product sampling campaigns. With this technology, beauty brands can offer customers a seamless, personalized way to find the perfect shade through a fully digital platform. 

This eliminates the need for excess product samples and testers, creating a more sustainable process that can help beauty brands decrease their carbon footprint and reach their ESG goals. 

Sustainable Sampling: Eco-Friendly SolutionsGet a Free Demo for Sustainable Marketing Examples

In Perfect Corp.’s recent Beauty Tech Master Series Webinar, “Sustainable Sampling: Eco-Friendly Solutions”, Johnny Grubin, CEO and Founder of the online sampling platform SoPost, and Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer of Perfect Corp., discussed the ways AR virtual try-on technology is helping beauty brands create more sustainable and successful product sampling marketing campaigns.

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Read on to learn more sustainable marketing campaign insights shared during this webinar and watch the full session here. 

Sustainable Marketing: AR Virtual Try-On Reduces Product Waste

With AR virtual try-on technology, customers can try-on and be photographed with as many shades or looks as they like. As virtual try-on technology allows for product sampling on a fully digital platform, customers can try-on products from their laptop or mobile device, with no need to open any physical product.

A great example of this is Perfect Corp.’s AI Shade Foundation Shade Finder, which matches customers to their perfect foundation product and skin tone match, eliminating the need to test multiple foundations. With this experience, customers are able to play with dozens of shades and find their perfect fit without the need for multiple product samples. This in turn allows brands to reduce product waste and participate in more environmentally responsible product production and consumption.

Sustainable Marketing: AR Virtual Try-On Allows Brands to Do More with Less

With virtual try-on experiences, brands are able to match each customer with the perfect shade at the start of the campaign, without needing to send multiple samples. This allows brands to maximize the amount of samples they have currently, without over-producing or wasting product. As beauty brands look to become more sustainable, AR technology is one of the most effective tools for implementing eco-friendly processes.

Beauty brands reduces product waste with AI & AR technology.Get a Free Demo for Sustainable Marketing Examples

Sustainable Marketing: AR Increases Sales Conversion Rate in Sampling Campaigns:

In recent sampling campaigns powered by Perfect Corp.’s AR virtual try-on technology, SoPost reported click through to purchase rates significantly higher than product sampling campaigns without virtual try-on technology.

With a virtual try-on experience, brands are able to provide customers with a personalized and intelligent product recommendation tailored to the customer’s unique needs. This type of customized experience provides value to the consumer, which in turn increases purchasing confidence and ultimately increases the likelihood that the consumer will purchase the recommended product. 

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Sustainable Marketing: AR Increases Sales Conversion Rate in Sampling CampaignsGet a Free Demo for Sustainable Marketing Examples

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