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3D Jewelry Virtual Try-On : The Complete Guide 2023

May 11, 2023 · 3 minutes read
3D Jewelry Virtual Try-On : The Complete Guide 2023

Technology is revolutionizing the way people purchase their favorite jewelry. With the advent of 3D jewelry, companies have developed a wide range of tools that make it possible to try on jewelry virtually online.

The essential tools to make this possible are the 3D configurator, which allows brands to create hyper-realistic and detailed 3D jewelry models, and the 3D viewer, which allows customers to view, customize, and virtually try on 3D jewelry on their hands. 

Continue reading to discover how to give your online jewelry business the ultimate boost by offering customers a fun and interactive experience with virtual try on for 3D jewelry.

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The Benefit of Virtual Try On for 3D Jewelry For Customers

The virtual try on for 3D Jewelry solution is a great opportunity for high-end jewelry buyers, as it allows them to view products from every angle and gives them an opportunity to fully appreciate the design and quality of jewelry, and make informed choices before making a purchase when shopping online.

For example, if a customer is searching for an engagement ring online, they can examine the gemstone and cut of the ring and visualize how it would fit on their finger. Similarly, customers interested in purchasing necklaces can view the length and style of the necklace directly from their mobile device, while those searching for a watch can appreciate the intricate details and finish of the timepiece.

Virtual try on 3D jewelry.

The 3D virtual try-on technology for jewelry provides customers with a convenient way to save both time and money. With the ability to try on jewelry virtually, customers no longer need to visit a physical store to see and try on their desired piece, reducing the need for travel and saving valuable time.

In addition, the virtual jewelry try-on reduces the risk of returns and refunds, as customers can have a clear view of the final product before making any purchase.

Virtual Try On for Rings

Virtual ring try-on has become a valuable resource for high-end jewelry brands looking to offer their customers a more satisfying, interactive, and personalized online shopping experience. In addition to the ability to try on numerous rings online via camera, brands can use online ring size detection to ensure their customers receive rings that fit perfectly, thus reducing the risk of returns and customer dissatisfaction.

Virtual try on for rings

Furthermore, brands can use virtual ring try-on to offer their customers a detailed, 360-degree view of the product and the ability to customize the ring using options provided by the 3D configurator. This means that customers can fully appreciate the quality and design of the ring and create custom-made rings that meet their exact needs and personal tastes, for a unique and personalized shopping experience.

Experience Virtual Ring Try On here>

Virtual Bracelet Try On

Thanks to 3D jewelry technology and artificial intelligence, brands can provide their customers with a virtual try-on experience for bracelets online, allowing them to view the product from different angles and fully appreciate the quality and design of the jewelry.

Virtual Bracelet Try On

Our patented AgileHand™ technology ensures ultra-precise wrist mapping and highly accurate rendering of bracelets online. Using the best AI algorithms that adapt perfectly to the naked wrist without requiring external markers, high-end jewelry brands can provide customers with a seamless, real-time online bracelet try-on experience.

Experience Virtual Bracelet Try On here>

Virtual Watch Try On

The virtual watch try-on solution offers customers a multitude of options to explore, providing them with the opportunity to fully customize their desired watch. With the ability to select from a range of designs, materials, and other customization choices, customers can have a comprehensive overview of their desired watch before making a purchase. This is particularly important when it comes to high-end luxury watches, as customers want to ensure that they are investing in a timepiece that meets their expectations.

The use of deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) in 3D hand mapping and tracking creates an incredibly realistic online watch try-on experience. The best AI algorithms generate 3D watch renderings that fit perfectly on the wrist and can accommodate full hand movement without the need for external position markers. This enables highly accurate virtual watch reproduction, with incredibly realistic surfaces, structures, material reflections, and light simulations.

Experience Virtual Watch Try On here>

Virtual Earrings Try On

Customers can use a virtual try-on for earrings online to browse various design options, gemstones, and customization features. This method enables them to examine the earrings in detail before buying, resulting in greater satisfaction and a higher chance of making a purchase. 

Moreover, Perfect Corp.'s technology enables customers to try on earrings in real-time on both the lobe and the helix, using 13 different positions. Thus, customers can try numerous earrings online at their own pace.

Virtual Earring Try On

Online earrings are reproduced in a way that includes simulated movements, solid body dynamics, and the determination of hidden surfaces. This replicates the physical try-on experience in stores and makes the movements of the earrings appear completely natural.

Experience Virtual Earrings Try On here>

Virtual Try On for Necklaces

Using artificial intelligence, online jewelry try-on experiences are becoming more realistic than ever before. AI tracks the neck and collarbone in real-time for an online jewelry try-on experience. This creates a realistic appearance with high-resolution structure and material reflections, while movement and body dynamics follow the user's movements in real-time.

Thanks to this technology, brands can digitize their jewelry collections online and create a range of AR necklaces with various lengths ranging from 16 to 18 inches, with more options to come. Online customers can indulge in numerous customization options such as choosing the type of gemstones, chain designs, or color choices.

Experience Virtual Necklaces Try On here>

How a 3D Jewelry Configurator Works

Virtual jewelry try-on creates simple and seamless online experiences that leverage 3D technology.

The try on process begins with creating a 3D model of each jewelry piece. This can be done with the 3D configurator, an advanced technology that allows jewelry brands to import 3D files, add material textures to meshes, preview real-time rendering of 3D jewelry, and create the 3D viewing and ultimately creates a virtual try-on experience in a single and easy work session. 

The 3D configurator is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who are not familiar with this type of technology. Additionally, it is highly efficient, automatically generating all SKU variations based on the selected material and texture combinations.

With our patented AgileHand™ technology, the 3D viewer offers an incredibly realistic virtual try-on experience for jewelry online. It accurately reproduces the movements of the hand and the jewelry itself in 3D, replicating every detail precisely and meticulously. This provides users with an astonishingly realistic try-on experience, where the jewelry materializes as if it were real, with all the finishing of its materials, natural lighting, and realistic reflections added to virtual products.

Virtual Try On for 3D Jewelry Benefits Brands & Customers

To sum up, virtual try-on technology for 3D jewelry provides many advantages to both jewelry brands and customers. Customers can use 3D viewers and configurators to customize and virtually try on jewelry, making it easier to find the right product. This enhances the online shopping experience, increases the likelihood of customer conversion, and improves customer retention.

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