Viva Tech 2024: Perfect Corp. Unveils Beautiful AI Suite Solutions of Tomorrow
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Viva Tech 2024: Perfect Corp. Unveils Beautiful AI Suite Solutions of Tomorrow

Apr 19, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Viva Tech 2024: Perfect Corp. Unveils Beautiful AI Suite Solutions of Tomorrow

Come and experience the pinnacle of innovation at the upcoming eighth edition of Viva Technology in Paris, from May 22 to 25. Prepare to be dazzled as we unveil a stunning array of cutting-edge Beautiful AI innovations set to revolutionize the beauty & luxury industries.

Viva Technology will also be a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest advancements in skincare and jewelry technology. This is your chance to discover groundbreaking solutions designed to elevate brands to new heights. Mark your calendars to join us at Viva Technology to be part of the conversation shaping the future of beauty and luxury.

  • Where: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles  
  • When: May 22-25, 2024 
  • How to find us: Hall 1 – Booth E55    

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Perfect Corp.’s Essential Innovations to Explore at Viva Technology 2024

1. A Beautiful AI Suite of Transformative Beauty & Fashion Tech Solutions  

Perfect Corp. will unveil a suite of Beautiful AI technologies designed to set new benchmarks within the Beauty & Fashion realms. This groundbreaking suite of innovations includes:


The pre-trained Generative AI model allows consumers to insert a text prompt to virtually try on any possible makeup look. This next-generation tool represents the evolution of Perfect Corp.’s solutions - taking tools such as the AI Face Analyzer, AI Shade Finder, AR Makeup Try-On and YouCam Tutorial technologies to the next level.


This pre-trained Generative AI model leverages Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis & Skin Type Detection technologies to recommend products & routines through a text-prompt-based interface that gives users even more options for skincare recommendations than ever before.

AI Makeup Transfer

This incredible tool is able to extract the makeup look from a reference image, and immediately transfer it to a user’s face with AR technology. The tool recognizes eye, face & lip makeup from a sample image, and turns the makeup shades, textures and patterns, as well as the overall style into an AR try-on look for users to instantly sample. 

Makeup Transfer

AI Face Swap

This fun tool allows users to effortlessly impose the image of a face onto any portrait image of their choosing in a hyper-realistic way.

Skincare Pro with Aesthetic Simulation

This update brings our AR cosmetic surgery sampling tool to Skincare Pro, giving SMB operators the chance to show their customers the final results of any facial cosmetic procedure before going under the knife.

2. A Refined AI Algorithm for HD AI Skin Analysis 

Perfect Corp. is constantly refining its AI algorithms, and the latest version powering AI Skin Analysis offers even more precision and detail.

The newly trained AI Skin Analysis algorithm uses HD images to improve detection accuracy. This high-definition analysis empowers users and brands to make more informed decisions about skincare routines and treatments. For example, the AI Skin Analysis tool now has the ability to detect six different type of wrinkles.

To assist skincare brands with providing better product recommendations, Perfect Corp. has also developed zone analysis to be able to focus on specific zones or one zone at a time to produce more precise readings and better recommendations.

HD AI Skin Analysis

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3. Enhancement of the 3D Workflow: From Creation to VTO for Jewelry & Watch Brands.

Perfect Corp. has addressed a significant pain point for jewelry and watch brands by developing the world's first specialized 3D VTO file format. This innovative solution simplifies the process for brands looking to create 3D jewelry or watch virtual try-ons, saving them valuable time and effort.

Additionally, Perfect Corp.'s 3D VTO authoring tool expedites the configuration of 3D objects, further enhancing efficiency. The recent integration of glTF 2.0 support underscores Perfect Corp.'s ongoing commitment to supporting the 3D community and facilitating virtual try-ons by allowing brands to upload wireframe details, texture maps and environmental lighting information in one smooth workflow and demonstrating Perfect Corp’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.       

Benefits of the .VTO format

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  • Where: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles  
  • When: May 22-25, 2024 
  • How to find us: Hall 1 – Booth E55

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