Facial Analysis: What, Why, How Brands Leverage It
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Facial Analysis: What, Why, How Brands Leverage It

Sep 8, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Facial Analysis: What, Why, How Brands Leverage It

Understanding customers has always been a key element in marketing. With the continued push toward a personalized digital shopping experience, it has never been more important for brands to create engaging shopping experiences that captivate consumers.  The good news is, that there are lots of tools on the market to help. One of the latest features is AI Facial Analysis.

▼AI Facial Analysis detects and displays facial attributes in seconds to provide personalized product recommendations.

AI Facial Analysis detects and displays facial attributes in seconds.

AI Facial Analysis is able to detect facial attributes in under  2 seconds, including skin tones, face shapes, and eye shapes, and recommend the best makeup products or accessories accordingly. In short, the benefit of adopting AI facial Analysis technology is that the customer is able to receive a truly tailored, personalized shopping experience.

What is AI Facial Analysis?

AI Facial Analysis utilizes artificial intelligence technology to detect a user's face shape in under 2 seconds. It’s a new way for beauty brands and retailers to provide a completely personalized shopping experience. Aside from face shapes, the AI technology is also able to detect over 70 facial attributes & traits, as well as one’s one’s unique color palette.

AI Facial Analysis analyzes 70 facial attributes & traits, as well as one’s one’s unique color palette.Contact Perfect Corp.

70+ Attributes & 5 Types of Color Palettes

AI Facial Analysis detects and assesses a wide range of facial features. Currently, the AI Facial Analysis solution analyzes up to 5 types of personal color palettes and 70+ attributes for personalized recommendations that best suit the user’s features, including:

  • 6 facial attributes
  • 7 lip attributes
  • 14 eye attributes
  • 4 cheekbone attributes
  • 6 nose attributes
  • 11 eyebrow attributes
  • 5 types of tone/shade detections: skin tone, eyebrow color, eye color, hair color, and lip color
Based on facial assessment results, shoppers will receive personalized product recommendations. These recommendations are all tailored to the customer’s needs, meaning that the products perfectly match their complexion and complement their features. The AI technology then allows them to instantly try selected products via AR virtual try-on. They’ll get to see right away whether or not the products work for them.

Product Recommendations

AI Facial Analysis: the Key to Personalization In the Beauty Industry

Every face is different, but AI Facial Analysis can detect even the smallest differences between customers, allowing for the best personalization in recommending beauty products catered to  one's facial attributes. Furthermore, it supports color detection for more precise recommendations. Users can have their skin tone/shade, eyebrow color, eye color, hair color, and lip color analyzed to see what products would look best on them.

The AI Face Analysis solution is the ultimate personal beauty products shopping assistant. It will help customers find the best products and prevent unnecessary purchases. They’ll have more faith in what they’re buying, even if they’ve never tried it in person, because they know it was hand-selected for them by AI technology.

▶ Try on AI Face Analysis and see how it works for beauty products.

Contact Perfect Corp.

How Brands Can Leverage Facial Analysis

1. Personalization

Having this type of personalization in shopping experience is important. As many as 71% of customers become frustrated when their shopping experience is impersonal*. When brands provide such a unique shopping experience, it can increase sales conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Increases ROI with Virtual Try-ons

As an example, some brands report seeing a $20 return on just a $1 investment when it comes to using advanced personalization techniques similar to virtual try-on (Collins). Brands that take these extra steps to help customers enjoy the shopping experience are sure to reap similar benefits.

▶ See Previous Brand's Success Stories >

3. AI Facial Analysis Replaces a Traditional Face Analysis Test

AI Facial Analysis helps to replace traditional online surveyContact Perfect Corp.

Lastly, one of the most prominent benefits of the AI Facial Analysis for beauty brands is its noteworthy ability to replace the online survey method that beauty brands have traditionally relied on. This method is used to acquire essential information about each individual consumer in order for beauty brands to provide a more personalized shopping experience. However, the online survey method has some significant drawbacks, such as:

  • Unreliability. Consumers don’t always provide accurate information as they simply might not know enough about their facial traits. For example, a customer might be unable to distinguish between a round and an oval face shape, but the AI Face Shape Detector does so accurately and subjectively.
  • Survey fatigue. Oftentimes, online surveys make customers lose their patience, as filling out surveys is a tedious and wearisome process. Most customers would not want to spend more than a minute or two on a survey prior to buying what they need. This usually causes high rates of abandonment during a shopping journey. On the contrary, the AI Facial Analysis does not require any user inputs and completes the entire analysis in under 2 seconds.

4. AI is Easy to Integrate

The personalized recommendation engine works for a wide range of product categories, including makeup, eyewear, jewelry and more. The AI technology can be integrated across most major web browsers, mobile apps, and in-store consultation platforms.

Benefits for Customers: 3 Easy Steps to Find Perfectly Tailored Products

AI Facial Analysis can be used in a wide array of applications. Brands aren’t limited to just one type of product. Upon completing the facial analysis, AI tech can recommend makeup products, styles, looks, and suitable colors from throughout the brand’s catalog.

Step 1: Analyze the Facial Attributes

Using makeup recommendations as an example, it becomes clearer how this would work for a brand offering numerous products. First, the user would head to the site and grant the AI Facial Analysis permission to use their likeness. The technology then analyzes the user’s facial attributes, as well as the color/shade of their hair, eyes, and lips.

Step 2: Shop the Beauty Products AI Recommended

With this data analyzed, AI and Big Data provide personalized recommendations for makeup, eyewear, and more based on the results. The result of the face analysis can determine what products would work best on the face of particular users and help them best address their concerns. 

The system scans for product matches based on similarities with skin tone and other facial attributes and matches them with SKUs from the brand’s inventory.

AI Facial Analysis: 3 Easy Steps to Find the Right Products

Step 3: Virtually Try On the Matched Items

Once these beauty products are selected, users can virtually try on the best-match items on their faces. They’ll be able to mix and match to see which styles they like best, and they can even find adjacent styles that they might prefer by browsing similar products.

Since users will have recommendations for a wide range of beauty products for their whole face based on the face analysis, it allows brands to present their products as a whole package rather than single items.

Facial Analysis FAQs

1. What is the AI Facial Analysis?

Powered by an AI engine, facial analysis is an ultra-personalization engine that accurately detects 70+ types of facial traits & all possible color palettes in order to provide the best product recommendations.

Face Attributes:

Face shape, Eye shape, Eyebrow shape, Lip shape, Nose shape, and Cheekbone shape.

Personal Color Palettes:

Skin tone, Eye color, Eyebrow color, Lip color, and Hair color.

▶ Try AI Face Beauty Analysis For Free Here.

2. How do you analyze facial features?

Current AI Technology makes it easy to analyze facial features. The user would first need to grant the AI technology permission to use the solution. The technology then analyzes the user’s facial attributes, as well as the color/shade of their hair, eyes, and lips.

3. How can you identify your facial features?

With the help of Perfect Corp's AI Facial Analysis technology, it's easy to identify  your face shape. The advanced technology will scan your face and tell you whether your face shape is oval, heart-shaped, triangle, round or square. What's more, it can also analyze 70+ face attributes and even your color palette.

▶Click here to check your face shape in seconds

4. What is the difference between facial analysis and facial recognition?

Facial Analysis and Facial Recognition both use AI technology to detect faces, yet unlike the facial recognition, facial analysis doesn't identify the individual's identity, but only gather the information of facial attributes to match with product recommendation.

▶ Try AI Facial Analysis For Free Here.

Personalize Your Shopping Experience for Beauty Products With AI Face Shape Detector

Bring your brand to the next level with AI Face Shape Detector and the virtual try-on experience. Get started with expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. 

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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