The Best Virtual Try-On Solution for DIY Lash Extensions Brands
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The Best Virtual Try-On Solution for DIY Lash Extensions Brands

Jul 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
The Best Virtual Try-On Solution for DIY Lash Extensions Brands

Many beauty brands and retailers have recognized the recent and significant shift toward do-it-yourself (DIY) practices. Customers are taking their beauty treatments into their own hands — creating both challenges and opportunities for beauty brands to meet these new demands.

Professional-grade hair coloring can be done at home, and even facial treatments can take place in a home bathroom. One facet of the industry especially impacted by this trend is lash extensions, creating a new DIY lash extension industry.

Because eyelash extensions last around six weeks, consumers need to make frequent appointments in salons and retailers. Many prefer to learn what extensions are easy to apply by themselves and which ones in the crowded marketplace look the best on them.

But unless they try the product on in person, it can be difficult for consumers to know which DIY lash extensions to purchase. Instead, they can benefit from a virtual try-onsolution by Perfect Corp. By integrating artificial intelligence and augmented reality, this technology helps brands get noticed by savvy customers looking for natural eyelash extensions to use at home.

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The Rise of DIY Beauty

DIY beauty grew out of the evolving demands of customers who no longer accept “one size fits all” products. Instead, today’s consumers want a more personalized experience.

This demand increased partly due to the pandemic, which caused many people to adopt DIY practices during the lockdowns. The subsequent economic challenges caused many to regulate their spending habits, choosing to buy an affordable DIY lash extensions kit rather than frequently going to the salon.

As a result, at-home lash extensions have become a significant opportunity in the beauty market. Brands like Lashify, Kiss Falscara, Method Lash, and NOONLASH have received a lot of attention from online blogs and fashion magazines. This only underscores the rise in popularity of DIY eyelash extensions — but that doesn’t make it easier for customers to feel confident about which ones are best for them.

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Virtual Try-On Solutions: A Game-Changer for DIY Lash Extensions Brands

Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on solutions make a big difference for beauty brands offering at-home lash kits. This innovative technology has completely revolutionized how people shop for makeup, hair color, and, yes, eyelash extensions.

Brands can easily integrate this virtual try-on technology into their online shopping experience. This helps customers visualize how the different beauty products will look on them—not just on a model. This makes it easier for them to gain confidence in their purchase and makes shopping more fun.

Since many companies offering DIY lash extensions have yet to integrate this technology into the buying process, it can help brands stand out. Customers will come to trust businesses that invest in a process that ensures they get the best product. It shows brands care.

The Importance of Virtual Try-On for DIY Lash Extensions Brands

The Importance of Virtual Try-On for DIY Lash Extensions Brands

Customers must make many decisions when choosing a DIY lash extension kit. These include:

  • Understanding that their particular eye shape — such as almond eyes, hooded eyes, wide-set eyes, and many others — may require different types of eyelashes.
  • Knowing which eyelash length is best for their lifestyle and face.
  • Determining what materials are best for the look they seek.
  • Deciding on the style of extensions, such as classic, volume, and hybrid styles.

Before the Perfect Corp. virtual try-on technology became available to brands, consumers had to make these difficult decisions using trial-and-error methods. Customers who don't make a good guess the first time end up disappointed. Even if the brand has a better option for them, they may have a negative reaction and go elsewhere.

When a brand integrates a virtual try-on into its e-commerce buying experience, customers can see directly how the product will look on them. This takes the guesswork out of those difficult decisions and dramatically streamlines the decision-making process, thus improving customer satisfaction. Everyone appreciates an easy and fun shopping experience.  

Virtual Lash Try On Technology

The Best Virtual Try-On Solution for DIY Lash Extensions

With Perfect Corp.’s technology, customers can virtually try on more than 1,000 different eyelash patterns adjusted specifically to a brand’s product selections.

How it works is simple: 

  1. Brands can add a widget to their online store or create a YouCam on the Shopify plugin. 
  2. Then, when customers log on to shop, they can upload a picture into the system or take a photo directly with the camera on whatever device they choose. 
  3. AR and AI technology do the rest, creating a look using a brand’s products shown directly on the customer’s face.

Perfect Corp. works with beauty brands and other professionals, like medical spa owners, to support customers. With minimal coding, the technology is easy to use and saves time. Customer service representatives will have fewer questions to answer online, as customers will be confident about making an immediate purchase.

Easy integration to your brand website and e-commerce stores.

Try the Virtual Try-On Technology for DIY Lash Extensions

The best way for brands to see the benefits of partnering with Perfect Corp. is to try the virtual technology themselves. With a free 30-day trial, they can set up their SKUs for a DIY lash extension kit, enable the simulator, try virtual makeovers, and see the results. Connect with Perfect Corp. today to get started.

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Lash Try On FAQs

How accurate are virtual try-on solutions in simulating different eyelash styles?

Perfect Corp. offers more than 1,000 different patterns of DIY lash extensions. Companies can pick what best represents their brand/product(s). Then, customers can see exactly what it would look like on their face. This process is more accurate than showing photos of models or even just the product itself.

Can virtual try-on solutions be used to experiment with different lash customization options?

Yes! The biggest benefit of a brand integrating Perfect Corp.’s technology into the buying process is that customers can experiment. They can customize the look that's best for them, a benefit that otherwise would require in-person visits.

How can brands find the best virtual try-on solution for their needs?

Like any addition to a business, it’s best to try the product before committing. Perfect Corp. offers a 30-day free trial of the virtual try-on technology. No credit card is needed for unlimited try-ons of the product. It also comes with user-friendly tutorials and email support.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and get ahead of the beauty tech trends. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by over 600 brands globally.

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