4 Tips on Using AI Tech to Enhance Aesthetic Treatment Practices in 2024
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4 Tips on Using AI Tech to Enhance Aesthetic Treatment Practices in 2024

Jun 20, 2024 · 3 minutes read
4 Tips on Using AI Tech to Enhance Aesthetic Treatment Practices in 2024

Aesthetic treatments are primarily meant to improve a client's aesthetic appearance, rather than being performed for medical reasons. In the skincare industry, this could include anything from wrinkle-reducers and spot correctors to spa facials and cryotherapy. With so many treatment options designed for so many different skin issues, it can be difficult to know exactly which ones will work best. That’s where AI skin analysis comes in. AI tools can elevate aesthetic treatment practices by providing a comprehensive analysis of skin issues and recommending a fully data-driven treatment plan. 

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4 Tips to Elevate Aesthetic Treatment Practices 

Bringing skincare into the future through integrated AI tools and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms can enhance the treatment's efficiency, accuracy, and overall customer satisfaction. Here are four tips for doing so. 

1. Implementing AI-Powered Skincare Analysis  

One of the latest advances in aesthetic treatments is the use of AI skincare analysis. By using AI for skin analysis, spas and treatment centers can do away with the bulky machines and complex processes that were previously used for this process. An AI solution can also provide a more precise analysis and more accurate recommendations than skincare quizzes that rely on self-reported customer data. All that’s needed for an AI system is a tablet or a smartphone with a dermatologist-verified software, such as Perfect Corp.’s Skincare Pro. 

An aesthetician can simply scan a client’s face using their device's camera, and the AI will look at every aspect of their features to determine what conditions might be present. In as little as seven seconds, these algorithms are trained to detect up to 14 skin concerns with a single scan, including factors such as wrinkles, spots, dark circles, dry or oily patches, and even skin firmness.  Customers can even perform their own scans and then come to the staff to set up their skincare treatments. This frees up treatment specialists to focus on actually treating clients and answering their questions, making for a more efficient treatment process.   

AI-Powered Skincare Analysis

2. Leveraging AI for Personalized Treatment Recommendations 

Once a customer’s skin has been analyzed, the AI can recommend an aesthetic treatment plan and skincare regimen to address any issues and improve or maintain their skin’s health. The system can connect each treatment to the issues it's designed to correct or improve. 

Each spa can easily enter the treatments and procedures that are available to its clients. Product descriptions and other details can be fully customized, allowing an aesthetic treatment center to quickly and easily communicate with its clients. The AI can then draw from these inputs and existing data regarding the results to recommend the most effective treatments for each concern. 

The algorithm’s suggestions can also catch things an esthetician may miss. Since it’s equipped with a complete library of available treatment options, as well as an analysis trained on more than 70,000 images, it can catch almost any issue and easily identify which treatments will be most effective, even ones a beautician may not think about. 

AI for Personalized Treatment Recommendations

Clients’ treatments can even be tracked through an individual account within the system. This way, they and their aesthetician can see what’s been recommended and what they’ve already tried. 

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3. Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Advanced CRM 

Integrating CRM software with a skin analysis solution is a must. Built-in customer profiles can not only track what treatments have been recommended or completed, but they can also show the progression of a client's skin over time, allowing clients to see their actual results compared to their starting point. 

This improves the customer experience by providing clear evidence that the treatments are making a difference. With skincare, the rate of improvement is often so slow that it’s hard to tell whether a successful treatment is even working at all. With a clear comparison between a client's starting point and their current state, though, the changes become more obvious. 

Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Advanced CRM

This instills confidence in the client. When they see evidence of one or two treatments making a difference, they may be more likely to commit to a more complex routine or a longer-term treatment. 

Furthermore, Skincare Pro enables client profiles, such as skin assessments, treatment progress, and purchase histories, to be automatically stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform. This efficient approach removes the need for manual data entry and facilitates easy organization and access, enhancing productivity for busy aesthetic practice professionals.   


4. Utilizing Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making 

While qualified skincare specialists can offer recommendations based on their own knowledge and experience, incorporating data-driven insights can further enhance the personalization and effectiveness of treatments for each client. By utilizing a comprehensive analysis of treatment results across different skin types, estheticians can improve the accuracy of their recommendations. Clients can feel confident knowing that the chosen treatments are guided by both professional expertise and relevant data, increasing the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes. 

For example, AI skincare analysis solutions such as Skincare Pro use tens of thousands of images to identify skin conditions and other concerns. Skincare Pro then compares the complete skin analysis to all existing aesthetic treatment options. This creates a completely unique, personalized skincare regimen based entirely on verifiable data. 

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Embracing AI as a Key Driver of Success in the Aesthetic Treatment Business 

Today’s AI tools provide a sophisticated and streamlined way of managing clients' treatments. From skin analysis to appointment booking, Perfect Corp.'s Skincare Pro solution provides spas and skincare businesses with the tools they need to succeed, now and in the future.  

Aesthetic treatment businesses that are ready to see what AI solutions can do for them can contact Perfect Corp. for a product demo and consultation, or they can take advantage of a 14-day free trial of Skincare Pro.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and get ahead of the beauty tech trends. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by over 600 brands globally.

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