How L'Oréal Leverages AI Beauty Assistant Technology with Beauty Genius
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How L'Oréal Leverages AI Beauty Assistant Technology with Beauty Genius

Jul 5, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How L'Oréal Leverages AI Beauty Assistant Technology with Beauty Genius

Like fashion, beauty trends are constantly changing with the seasons, evolving as people’s tastes change. The industry itself is rapidly transforming with the integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that is changing how brands interact with their clients. Cosmetics giant L’Oreal is harnessing advancements in AI with a new Beauty Genius solution. This article delves deeper into how it evolved and where it is headed.  

As online shopping skyrocketed during the pandemic, customers became accustomed to buying products without testing them. However, 66% of customers are interested in augmented reality (AR) to help them shop.

L'Oreal’s Innovation Journey

Top names in the beauty industry, including L’Oreal, started offering virtual try-on experiences powered by AR. As AI technology has improved, beauty leaders have used it to help customers match their foundation and analyze their skin for personalized skincare regimens.  

L’Oreal has utilized AI and other technological advancements to improve customer service and enhance offerings. All products include QR codes customers can scan for detailed ingredient information, along with the product’s manufacturing location and environmental impact. The company has also joined other brands in the Metaverse, offering hair and makeup services to people in the virtual reality space.  

The most prevalent way in which L’Oreal uses AI is to enhance personalization and drive product innovation. 

What Is Beauty Genius?

Powered by generative AI, Beauty Genius is a L’Oreal’s new personal AI beauty assistant that takes personalization to the next level. Customers can ask it questions and use it to build custom shopping lists, product recommendations, and beauty routines based on their preferences and settings.  

Generative AI is not unique to L’Oreal, but the company has existed for over a century. Through that time, L’Oreal has amassed a wealth of specialized knowledge in beauty, hair care, hair color, makeup, and skincare. Throughout its history, the company has been involved with multiple clinical studies and has amassed a catalog of ingredients and routines.  

With Beauty Genius, L’Oreal customers get access to an in-depth database covering more than a century of beauty. When they input their questions, upload selfies, and interact with the app in other ways, Beauty Genius offers a detailed analysis and creates a personalized list of more than 750 products. 

Introducing the Beauty Genius AI Virtual Beauty Assistant

When the program recommends products, it also displays average ratings and a link to customer reviews. Anyone using the app can click on the product and add it to their cart. Beauty Genius also offers tutorials and fact sheets that inform customers about ingredients that could impact their skin.  

Customers can also consult the tool with in-depth questions about their personal concerns. It can be intimidating and embarrassing to talk to a customer service representative about skincare issues, hair loss, and other sensitive topics. With Beauty Genius, they don’t have to ask an actual person. Instead, they can discuss their issues with AI.  

PerfectGPT Framework from Perfect Corp. 

While Beauty Genius gives L’Oreal customers unique access to its vast product database, personalized recommendations are limited to products within the company’s brands. L’Oreal Paris owns multiple brands, including NYX, Essie, Maybelline New York, Lancôme, and Urban Decay, among others. However, Beauty Genius is limited in how many product recommendations it can generate to customers. It also doesn’t offer a wide range of features beyond chat and virtual try on.   

PerfectGPT Framework from Perfect Corp.

PerfectGPT, a similar solution from Perfect Corp., can be customized to a broader range of product recommendations. Any brand can use the framework to develop its own virtual beauty assistant. PerfectGPT is an AI makeup assistant offering virtual try-on, chats, interactive makeup tutorials, makeup recommendations, and more.  

PerfectGPT for Beauty

PerfectGPT goes in-depth into skincare. This tool includes skin scanning so customers can evaluate their concerns without going to an in-person appointment. Perfect Corp.’s AI skin analysis solution has been validated by dermatologists. With it, customers can analyze multiple skin zones and visualize potential results from various product recommendations. They can also chat with the skincare assistant about their skin sensitivities to look for similar products without irritating ingredients.  

PerfectGPT for Skincare

For customers who find tutorials hard to follow or don’t have time to watch, PerfectGPT has an AI makeup transfer feature. Customers can upload an inspo pic that seamlessly transfers the makeup to their selfie and offers product recommendations to help them recreate the look.  

Powered by a large language model, PerfectGPT processes, understands, and learns natural language. Customers using the app will receive relatable answers that are conversational and easy to follow.  

PerfectGPT was developed exclusively for beauty, skincare, and fashion and incorporates brand-specific language when needed. As more customers use PerfectGPT, it will generate more new content such as images, ads, video, and text.  

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Get Started With Better Personalization Through AI 

AI-powered virtual beauty assistants can revolutionize how brands interact with their customers. Instead of latching onto the latest social media trends and hoping they work, customers can get customized recommendations based on their own preferences and concerns.  

For beauty brands, this level of customization can lead to more satisfied customers who are happier with how products look on them and work with their skin. The PerfectGPT framework makes it easy for beauty and skincare brands to create a customized virtual assistant for their customers. The framework offers a variety of unique features that can set any brand apart to attract new clients.   Ready to learn how AI-powered solutions improve the customer experience? Contact Perfect Corp. today to schedule a demo.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and get ahead of the beauty tech trends. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by over 600 brands globally.

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